Princess Kate reveals how she’s helping Prince George prepare for his exams

Princess Kate reveals how she’s helping Prince George prepare for his exams

The Princess of Wales mentioned during a visit to Cardiff on Tuesday that she has been assisting Prince George in preparing for his upcoming exams. She shared with sixth form students, who were getting ready for their math A-levels, that she understands the challenges of math revision, as she has been helping George with his studies. George, who is currently in Year 6 at Lambrook school in Berkshire, is expected to take entrance exams for a prospective private school. These exams coincide with the Earthshot Prize Awards ceremony in Singapore on 7 November, where Prince William will be attending, but Kate has decided to stay home in Windsor to support George. There is speculation that George might follow in his father’s footsteps by attending Eton College or choose to attend Marlborough College, his mother’s alma mater.

William and Kate made an appearance at Fitzalan High School to mark the commencement of Black History Month. During their visit, they engaged with students to understand the projects related to Black history that the students have been working on and to gain insights into the vocational courses offered by the school.

Fitzalan High School is situated in one of Wales’ most diverse and underprivileged communities. In September 2023, the school inaugurated a new £64 million facility equipped with state-of-the-art amenities, aimed at helping students reach their full potential. Notably, a significant number of students at the school are directly related to the Windrush Cymru Elders and hail from diverse cultural backgrounds, with 70 percent of them having English as their second language.

While conversing with English students, William engaged in a discussion about e-books, expressing his preference for the tactile experience of holding a physical book. He mentioned that his reading habits have changed since becoming a parent to young children.

Sumayah Musa, a 16-year-old originally from Somaliland but raised in Wales, recounted their lively conversation. She noted that they had a spirited debate regarding the merits of e-books versus traditional paperbacks. According to her, Prince William is a staunch advocate for paperbacks. Their conversation then shifted to the topic of coffee preferences, with Sumayah mentioning that Princess Kate enjoys cappuccinos while she herself prefers white mochas.

Earlier in the day, the royal pair paid a visit to the Grange Pavilion. During the visit, William lightened the mood by humorously asking a group of elderly individuals, “Who’s playfully touching my rear end?” which elicited laughter from the gathering.

What exams is Prince George taking?

Since George is receiving a private education, it’s probable that he will undertake the ISEB Common Pre-tests. These assessments are typically completed by students in Year 6 or 7 and consist of four components: mathematics, English (comprising reading, comprehension, and grammar), verbal reasoning, and non-verbal reasoning.

The standard duration for all four tests is 2 hours and 15 minutes, and students have the option to take them either at their current school or at the senior school they are seeking admission to.

It’s important to note that although George is not expected to change schools until he turns 13, these entrance exams are typically taken three years in advance.

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