Princess Eugenie so proud of ‘inspirational’ sister Princess Beatrice in heartfelt public tribute

Princess Eugenie so proud of ‘inspirational’ sister Princess Beatrice in heartfelt public tribute

On Tuesday, Princess Eugenie expressed her immense pride in her sister, Princess Beatrice, following Beatrice’s recent appearance. Princess Beatrice, with her red hair, was a guest on the Made By Dyslexia podcast. During her appearance, she discussed how dyslexia enables her to embrace a unique and creative way of thinking referred to as ‘dyslexic thinking.’ Filled with joy for her sister’s candidness, Princess Beatrice posted a heartfelt message on Instagram dedicated to her sibling.

Accompanied by a video snippet featuring Beatrice’s appearance on the podcast, Eugenie wrote: “I am incredibly proud of you, Beabea. Have a listen to the @madebydyslexia podcast, Lessons in Dyslexic Thinking.

“Your remarkable efforts in raising awareness about the experiences of dyslexic thinkers through sharing your personal journey are commendable. Your unique way of thinking has shaped you into the remarkable individual you are, and it serves as a constant source of inspiration for me.”

During the podcast episode, Beatrice offered a fresh perspective on being diagnosed with dyslexia, reframing it as a positive aspect of her life, allowing her to approach thinking differently. She also disclosed that her husband, Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi, shares the condition and discussed their approach to parenting in case their children also have dyslexia.

Beatrice shared with podcast host Katie Griggs: “As two individuals with dyslexia, we will navigate the role of parents in determining whether our children have dyslexia and how we can provide them with the best support. I believe that the most crucial thing we can do is be grateful if they happen to be dyslexic as well, as it would enable us to assist them with available resources.”

As an ambassador for Made by Dyslexia, the 35-year-old emphasized her desire for all parents to gain a better understanding of dyslexia by being part of this community, stating, “I hope this for all parents.”

The couple has a two-year-old daughter named Sienna, and Beatrice also serves as a caring stepmother to Edo’s six-year-old son, Wolfie, from his previous marriage to Dara Huang.

Regarding Edo’s experience with dyslexic thinking, Beatrice revealed, “He possesses tremendous creativity, excels as a designer, and has succeeded as a property developer. He has a unique ability to perceive concepts and space in a beautiful manner, which has contributed to his entrepreneurial success and his willingness to pursue his own path.”

She also noted the prevalence of dyslexia among entrepreneurs, as they recognize the need to push boundaries and seek collaboration between artificial intelligence and human capabilities.

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