Prince William’s unusual eating habit on public engagements revealed

Prince William’s unusual eating habit on public engagements revealed

The Prince of Wales undertakes numerous public engagements annually, often following a tightly packed schedule. Similarly, it appears that Prince William, aged 41, has adopted a practice from his father, King Charles. According to an insider quoted by HELLO!, the heir to the throne typically refrains from eating during his official engagements. While there have been occasions where William has indulged in occasional sweet treats or local delicacies, he doesn’t seem to have a hearty meal during these events. The specific reason behind this habit remains unknown, but it appears that Prince William shares this trait with his father, King Charles, who is famously known for not having lunch. Clarence House even acknowledged this peculiar routine in a list of 70 facts released in honor of King Charles’s 70th birthday in 2018, without providing any explanation. Julian Payne, Charles’s former press secretary, shed some light on the matter, mentioning that the King’s demanding schedule requires a substantial breakfast or some snack bars to sustain him throughout the day. As for Prince William’s mealtime, a potential clue emerged when the Prince and Princess of Wales visited Birmingham in April. They shared highlights from their day on Instagram Stories, showing them at a rail station in Birmingham. The footage revealed that they were carrying two brown paper bags and a bottle of water, likely suggesting that they planned to have their meal on the train during their journey back to London.

In November of last year, while visiting Cornwall, William provided a glimpse into his daily dietary habits. On this occasion, the father of three was questioned about his nutrition by nutritionist Monique Hyland. The royal revealed that he kicked off his day with a nutritious breakfast, which included two eggs, wholemeal toast with butter, apple juice, and a cup of tea with milk and sugar.

According to Monique’s statement to Cornwall Live, William initially felt fine because he had a nutritious breakfast. However, he later confessed that he had consumed a less healthy sandwich for lunch, along with a chocolate brownie and a glass of red wine.

Additionally, William mentioned to Monique that he relied on several cups of tea to boost his caffeine intake because “the kids keep me up at night.”

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