Prince William’s hilarious phone call with unsuspecting restaurant customer – exclusive details

 The Prince and Princess of Wales, visited the Indian Streatery in Birmingham city center on Thursday, April 20, 2023. During their visit, the couple had some fun as they took part in various activities at the restaurant.

The Prince of Wales, who is known for his sense of humor, had his wife Princess Kate and restaurant staff in hysterics as he took a phone booking from an unsuspecting customer. Prince William couldn’t contain his giggles as he tried to book a table for two people. Dhiraj Sharma, who helps to run the restaurant, said that the customers who made the reservation were shocked when they found out Prince William had taken their booking, and they had to sit down. He added that they didn’t recognize the Prince’s voice at all.

Apart from this, the couple also helped out in the kitchen where they tried their hand at making roti, a simple flatbread that is often served with cooked vegetables and curries. The restaurant’s all-female team in the kitchen caught the interest of the Prince and Princess. Dhiraj Sharma shared that the couple was really interested to hear about their story.

Indian Streatery started as a street food stall in Digbeth and quickly became a favorite at the city’s Digbeth Dining Club, as well as various food festivals. The restaurant now has three locations in Birmingham – one at the Bullring and two others at Bennetts Hill and Digbeth. Sharma said that the Prince and Princess were given a warm welcome from the crowds gathered outside, and this was their first public engagement since returning from their Easter break.

The Prince and Princess of Wales visited Birmingham to celebrate the city’s diverse culture and heritage and meet future leaders in the creative industries. After visiting the restaurant, the couple went to the historic Jewellery Quarter, where they hosted local business owners at The Rectory.

Indian Streatery shared the news of their royal visit on their Instagram page, @the_indianstreatery, which has since gained many new followers. The restaurant is proud to have had the opportunity to showcase their food and team to The Prince and Princess of Wales.

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