Prince William’s ‘level headed’ parenting praised during Prince Louis’ meltdown – watch

 Prince William and Princess Kate are known for their impeccable composure in public, even when their young children misbehave in the royal spotlight. The couple, who balance their senior royal duties with parenting their three children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis, have impressed royal fans with their parenting skills.

Recently, unseen footage of Prince William’s parenting technique to calm an over-excited Prince Louis resurfaced on Instagram. In the clip, the father-of-three negotiates with his four-year-old son in a calm and level-headed manner, which has been praised by royal fans for its effectiveness.

Prince William and Princess Kate have been commended for the way they relate to their children, often speaking to them at eye level. This parenting approach has endeared the couple to their fans, who appreciate their relatable and down-to-earth approach to parenting.

Supernanny Jo Frost also weighed in on the couple’s parenting skills, praising the way they handled Prince Louis’ behavior at the late Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee Party. The parenting expert noted that the event was overwhelming for the young prince, with long days and no playtime in between, and commended the couple for being impressive parenting role models to modern parents. Frost added that the couple is open about their own struggles as parents and continues to strive to do their best in raising their children.

Prince William and Princess Kate’s parenting skills have been a hot topic among royal fans, who admire the couple for their ability to balance their royal duties and family life with grace and ease. The couple’s hands-on approach to parenting and their willingness to show their human side has endeared them to many, and they continue to inspire parents around the world.

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