Prince of Wales shares ‘greatest regret’ during joint outing with Princess of Wales

 On Thursday, Prince William and Princess of wales visited Birmingham for a series of engagements. They spent time hosting future leaders and local business owners at The Rectory pub in the city’s Jewellery Quarter.

During their visit, Prince William had the opportunity to speak with a young woman who teaches at a dance center. After hearing about the different types of dance offered at the center, he expressed one of his greatest regrets, “I still wish I’d learned to breakdance. It’s one of my greatest regrets, not learning to breakdance when I was young.” The Prince and Princess have previously showcased their dance moves during their tour of the Caribbean last year.

Prince William also had a conversation with Kelvin Osondu, a young author who wrote his first fantasy book at the age of 16. The Prince, who achieved good grades at A-level, praised Kelvin’s discipline and said, “Kelvin, I need to bottle some of your discipline. There was a moment when I really should have done more work when I was younger – read more books, watched less TV. I’m watching The Recruit on Netflix at the moment.”

Earlier in the day, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge visited the family-run Indian Streatery in Birmingham city center and helped in the kitchen. During their time there, Prince William answered a customer’s phone call and had his wife and Princess Kate laughing.

The Prince was also asked about his children’s enthusiasm for Aston Villa football club. He replied that Prince George is generally very happy with Villa, while Prince Louis will hopefully choose his own team. Princess Charlotte is just getting into football, so they will see.

The visit to Birmingham allowed Prince and Princess of Wales to engage with members of the community and learn about their interests and passions. The royal couple’s engagement shows their commitment to support and encourage individuals and local businesses in the UK.

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