Crown Princess Mary participated in a productive session on October 12, 2023, where she met with individuals from The Crown Princess Mary Center's Advisory Committee. This gathering occurred at the Realdania headquarters in Copenhagen, a private Danish association dedicated to backing initiatives in the fields of architecture and urban planning.

The Crown Princess Mary Center was founded in conjunction with The Crown Princess' 50th birthday, and its core vision is centered on the idea that researchers and practitioners should work closely together to discover solutions to complex societal issues.

On October 12, Crown Princess Mary, in her capacity as the Chair of the Mary Foundation, participated in BUPL's 50th anniversary celebration. BUPL, short for the Association of Child and Youth Educators, serves as a labor union representing education professionals, excluding teachers, in Denmark. This organization was established in 1972 through the merger of the Danish Child Care Council, the Danish Kindergarten Council, and the Association of Leisure Educators.

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