William and Kate ‘minimising public interactions’ with Harry and Meghan as part of their royal ‘strategy’

William and Kate ‘minimising public interactions’ with Harry and Meghan as part of their royal ‘strategy’

According to a PR director, Princess Kate and Prince William have chosen to limit public interactions and discussions about the Sussexes in order to respect their privacy and maintain a united image. PR expert Sophie Attwood, in an exclusive interview with GB News, suggested that King Charles and the Prince and Princess of Wales are strategically avoiding mentioning the Invictus Games and other initiatives associated with the Sussexes. Since the Duke and Duchess of Sussex stepped down as working royals in 2020, the Royal Family has not acknowledged their activities or charity work, including the recent Invictus Games in Dusseldorf.

Attwood explained that while the Royal Family’s approach to the Sussexes may appear mysterious, it aligns with their overall press strategy, which focuses on presenting a cohesive image, respecting privacy, controlling the narrative, fulfilling their duties, adapting to media changes, and preserving the institution. She emphasized that in a world where public perception is crucial, these considerations highlight the careful thought behind their public relations decisions.

The PR director stated that the royals have a clear objective in refraining from making public statements about Harry and Meghan. Attwood remarked that the dynamics within the Royal Family are undoubtedly intricate, but one of the fundamental principles of their press strategy is to project a unified front.

Through the strategy of limiting public engagements and discussions related to the Sussexes, it is evident that the Royal Family’s primary goal is to prevent public conflicts and controversies that could negatively impact the monarchy’s overall image.

The Royal Family has traditionally maintained a discreet stance on private matters, and this approach remains unchanged. By affording the Sussexes the necessary space, they not only respect their privacy but also avoid turning personal issues into public spectacles, which can damage their reputation.

The author of “Beautiful PR: Finding Your Brand’s Heartbeat for Authenticity in Communication” added, “A couple of decades ago, we rarely had insight into the relationships within the Royal Family.”

In the present era, we find ourselves amidst continuous discussions on social media and a constant flow of media updates originating from the public relations teams representing each side.

Consequently, the public not only anticipates these updates but also forms their own opinions based on them.

Nonetheless, it can be contended that the way these updates are perceived is ultimately shaped by the proficiency of the PR teams working for both parties.

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