Princess Kate has unexpected famous fan in surprising European country

Princess Kate has unexpected famous fan in surprising European country

Unexpectedly, Princess Kate has garnered a famous admirer from a European country that may come as a surprise.

Last month, King Charles and Queen Camilla embarked on a three-day State Visit to France, during which they participated in various activities in both Paris and Bordeaux.

While in France, the King and Queen socialized with President Emmanuel Macron and his spouse, Brigitte.

A royal specialist noted that the Royal Family enjoys significant popularity in this country, as there is considerable fascination with the monarchy.

Rebecca English, speaking on Palace Confidential, expressed her perspective: “Throughout the years, I’ve covered numerous state visits, and I believe this one was certainly remarkable in terms of orchestrating events and successfully executing them. President Macron and his wife extended a genuinely warm reception, and the crowds were equally welcoming. Given the significant security concerns in France, opportunities for interacting with the crowds were scarce, so you can never predict the outcome.”

Princess Kate did not accompany King Charles and Queen Camilla during their visit to France. However, it’s been reported that Brigitte Macron has an admiration for the Princess of Wales.

According to English, she shared: “I’ve gained insights from my interactions with new acquaintances in the French celebrity magazines, and it seems that the Royal Family is a significant draw for their readership. Madame Macron, in particular, is known to be a keen consumer of such content, expressing a particular interest in the British Royal Family, notably the Princess of Wales.”

In September, Princess Kate carried out several individual engagements within the United Kingdom.

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