Sporty Prince George and Princess Charlotte copying parents William and Kate – cute photos

 The love for sports has been passed from the Prince and Princess of Wales to their offspring, namely Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis.

The Wales family has a strong enthusiasm for various sports such as cricket, football, rugby, and tennis. Notably, Prince William and Kate have been seen displaying relatable expressions while attending sporting events over the years.

In recent times, the couple has accompanied their older children, ten-year-old George and eight-year-old Charlotte, to significant tournaments like Euro 2020, the Commonwealth Games 2022, and Wimbledon.

Although the youngest, five-year-old Louis, hasn’t yet joined his parents and older siblings at a public sporting occasion, it is known that he holds a great fondness for rugby.

Evidently, George and Charlotte share their parents’ fervor as keen spectators, particularly during intense and suspenseful moments. You can observe this through the images in the provided gallery.

Prince George experienced his inaugural international football match during Euro 2020, and the experience was undoubtedly satisfying for the young football enthusiast.

The upcoming monarch enthusiastically applauded and cheered alongside his parents as England secured a 2-0 triumph over Germany, advancing to the quarter-finals.

Furthermore, George was present at Wembley Stadium for the Euro 2020 final; however, the English team faced a disappointing defeat on penalties against Italy.

Accompanied by William and Kate, Princess Charlotte attended the Commonwealth Games 2022. During the event, she observed various competitions such as swimming and gymnastics.

The young princess appeared captivated by the swimming races held in the aquatics center.

During a specific moment, both Charlotte and Kate synchronized their actions by applauding British athlete Luke Turley when he completed a 1500-meter heat and secured a spot in the finals.

Last year, George had his first appearance at the tennis competition, during which Novak Djokovic emerged victorious over Nick Kyrgios. In this photograph, George’s expression clearly shows his amazement and admiration.

Similar to his father William, George shares a common interest as an Aston Villa supporter. The two football enthusiasts experienced a series of intense emotions while witnessing their cherished team compete against Nottingham Forest in April 2023.

Fortunately, Villa managed to clinch a victory with a score of 2-0, and based on their jubilant reactions, it seemed that the royal father and son had a thoroughly satisfying day.

They displayed pained expressions, shielded their eyes, and erupted in near-roars as Carlos Alcaraz triumphed over Novak Djokovic in a tense five-set battle during last month’s Wimbledon men’s final.

The priceless reactions of Charlotte and George throughout the concluding stages of the tournament were truly heartwarming. It’s a joy to witness such moments.

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