Inside Prince William and Princess Kate’s close friendship with King Felipe and Queen Letizia

 The Prince and Princess of Wales have connections with royal families worldwide, yet they maintain a particularly strong relationship with the Spanish monarchs, King Felipe and Queen Letizia. Queen Letizia and Princess Kate are frequently likened to each other due to their flawless fashion taste and beautiful brown hair.

In 2017, the Spanish royal couple undertook a notable three-day state visit to the United Kingdom. This visit encompassed a ceremonial carriage procession and a lavish banquet at Buckingham Palace, graciously hosted by the late Queen Elizabeth II. This event held remarkable importance, marking the first instance of a Spanish king, King Felipe, embarking on a state visit to the UK in over three decades since his father, Juan Carlos, did so 31 years prior. It is possible that this visit played a role in strengthening the bond between the two royal families.

During the Garter Day procession in 2019, a warm camaraderie between Queen Elizabeth II and Princess (then Duchess) Catherine was evident. The two appeared to share an amiable rapport, engaging in laughter and animated conversation while sharing a carriage with their respective husbands.

During King Charles’ coronation in May, the Spanish royals were present, although the cameras did not capture their interaction, likely due to William’s significant role in the ceremony.

In a more recent occurrence, King Felipe was extended an invitation to the Royal Box at Wimbledon for the final match between Carlos Alcaraz and Novak Djokovic. Surprisingly, Carlos emerged victorious in the match. King Felipe engaged in a conversation with the children of Wales for a period, demonstrating their endearing connection as he bent down to their level.

Certainly, the couples are likely to find common ground in both their royal responsibilities and personal lives.

King Felipe and Queen Letizia share resemblances in their private lives as well. They have two elder children, namely Crown Princess Leonor, aged 17, and Princess Sofia, aged 15. This similarity could potentially provide a platform for the Waleses to seek valuable advice, given that their own three children—Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis—are progressing through different stages of growth.

What names do King Felipe and Queen Letizia use when referring to Prince William and Princess Kate? The British royal couple holds a range of titles, yet their appellations are distinct in Spain. Kate is addressed as ‘Catalina,’ while William’s name is rendered as ‘Guillermo.’

Were you aware that King Felipe and Prince William share a familial connection? These royals are descendants of King George of the Hellenes, each being his great-great-grandchildren.

The Spanish royals expressed their respect and condolences following the demise of Queen Elizabeth II. Alongside cultivating robust relationships with William and Kate, King Felipe shares an affectionate tie with King Charles. In response to Queen Elizabeth II’s passing, King Felipe conveyed a poignant message, writing: “Your Majesty, dear Charles. I am profoundly saddened by the news of the lamentable passing of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, your beloved Mother. I extend, on my behalf and on behalf of the Spanish Government and people, our sincerest condolences to Your Majesty and the British populace.”

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