Queen Camilla’s former daughter-in-law reveals what she’s really like as a granny

Queen Camilla’s former daughter-in-law reveals what she’s really like as a granny

In the realm of family dynamics, Sara Parker Bowles, the former daughter-in-law of Queen Camilla, has chosen to shed light on the persona Her Majesty embodies as a grandmother. She extends her admiration, commending the Queen for her notably hands-on approach.

Camilla graciously occupies the role of grandmother to the offspring of Sara and her former spouse, Tom Parker Bowles – Lola, aged 16, and Freddy, aged 13. With heartfelt words, Sara conveyed, “She is an exemplary matriarch, deeply involved, and her interactions with me have always been characterized by kindness. Any discord between Tom and me is our burden to bear. What truly matters is the enduring bond she shares with her grandchildren, a connection that remains steadfast.”

Sara, a luminary in the world of fashion editing, and Tom, a wordsmith in the culinary realm, concluded their marital voyage in 2022 after a separation that spanned four years. It wasn’t until last year that Lola and Freddy, affectionately referring to their grandmother as “Gaga,” became aware that she would ascend to the throne as Queen.

Sara’s reflection on this new reality was tinged with surrealism, as she remarked, “The realization that she is now the sovereign is undeniably extraordinary. It ushers in a shift that we must grapple with. It poses a challenge for us.” Yet, it appears that the ages of their children have bestowed them with an enviable indifference, a refreshing irreverence that aids in maintaining a balanced perspective.

Camilla also boasts the title of grandmother to her daughter Laura Lopes’ trio of progeny: Eliza, born in 2008, and twins Gus and Louis, who made their debut in 2009. Eliza left an indelible mark as a bridesmaid at Prince William and Kate’s matrimonial celebration in 2011.

The Queen’s quintet of grandchildren, whose existence has predominantly remained in the shadows, played a role in the Coronation festivities of May, partaking in the ceremony at Westminster Abbey and proudly gracing the Buckingham Palace balcony alongside Charles and Camilla. This decision resounded with a powerful message of unity and underscored the harmonious nature of this blended family.

Her Majesty shares a profound connection with her teenage grandchildren. An interview she granted to Vogue in 2022 possibly alluded to her eldest grandchild, Lola, when she disclosed, “I engage in a daily bout of Wordle with my granddaughter. She’ll dispatch a message announcing, ‘I’ve solved it in three,’ to which I’ll respond, ‘Apologies, but I’ve cracked it in two today.’ The sense of accomplishment when it acknowledges your brilliance is quite satisfying.”

She further mused, “The young ladies are delving into the realms of attire and cosmetics. Witnessing them emerge with newly pierced ears, an abundance of cosmetics, and hair tinted in eccentric hues is somewhat disconcerting.”

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