Princess Kate’s University hobby that set her up for royal life

Princess Kate’s University hobby that set her up for royal life

In a recent visit to Nottingham Trent, Princess Kate delved into her university days, providing insights into the myriad activities she engaged in. Her pursuits extended beyond the conventional, spanning sports like hockey and tennis. Moreover, the Princess of Wales disclosed a particular avocation that continues to enrich her regal life.

She expounded on her experience at St. Andrews, describing it as a splendid opportunity to explore a wide spectrum of interests. She expressed, “My university years were a treasure trove of novel avocations, a legacy that persists.”

The royal further expounded, affirming her fondness for embarking on fresh ventures and self-improvement, be it in the realm of sports, music, or the arts. She reminisced about her time immersed in various sports clubs, indulging in activities such as hockey and tennis during her university days. In addition, she recounted her involvement in the university’s photography club, a significant turning point that allowed her to forge new friendships. This passion endures and provides her with enduring enjoyment.

Photography, indeed, holds a special place in Princess Kate’s heart, with her photographic compositions featuring her children, namely Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis, being frequently showcased on the royal family’s official Instagram account. These visual masterpieces affirm her prowess, gaining the royal seal of approval.

In a testament to her photographic aptitude, Queen Camilla specifically selected Princess Kate to be the photographer for her 75th birthday cover feature in Country Life, a publication she also oversaw as a guest editor. Reflecting on her experience of being photographed by the Princess of Wales, Queen Camilla effused praise, remarking, “She effortlessly captured exceptional images; it seemed almost second nature. We derived immense pleasure from the entire process.”

The cover photos were so impressive that they secured the prestigious “Cover of the Year” accolade at a prominent magazine awards ceremony. Upon the issue’s release, Mark Hedges, the editor-in-chief of Country Life magazine, lauded Princess Kate’s photographic talent, stating, “We are elated to present the striking portrait of the Duchess of Cornwall, exquisitely envisioned by the Duchess of Cambridge, as Princess Kate was known then.”

He even playfully extended an invitation to Princess Kate, suggesting that she consider a role at the magazine, emphasizing, “The photographs are nothing short of outstanding, and we would wholeheartedly welcome another collaboration with the Duchess of Cambridge.”

We eagerly anticipate the forthcoming photographic creations by Princess Kate.

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