Princess of Wales reveals Prince Louis was ‘very upset’ to miss Wimbledon final

 According to the Princess of Wales, Prince Louis, her youngest son, expressed his disappointment for not being able to attend the Wimbledon final on Sunday. However, he has been practicing his skills as a ball boy. Princess Kate, along with her husband, the Prince of Wales, and their two children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte, joined her in the Royal Box at the All England Lawn Tennis Club to watch the Wimbledon Men’s Singles Final. The match lasted for five hours and concluded with Carlos Alcaraz putting an end to Novak Djokovic’s ten-year winning streak as the Wimbledon champion.

During a conversation with Ella Ottaway, the individual in charge of the All England Club’s young people program, Princess Kate shared some details. She mentioned that it was Princess Charlotte’s inaugural visit to the event, while Prince George had attended the previous year. She further noted that both of her children had been closely following the tournament with great enthusiasm. Additionally, Princess Kate mentioned that her daughter was still in the process of understanding the scoring system.

Princess Kate also revealed that her five-year-old son, Prince Louis, was deeply disappointed about not being able to attend the event. She shared this information while speaking with Joel, a sixteen-year-old ball boy, and also mentioned that Prince Louis had been practicing his skills as a ball boy.

After speaking with the princess, Joel, the ball boy, shared with the PA news agency that Prince Louis makes an effort to practice emulating their behavior. Joel mentioned that Prince Louis attempts to imitate their serious stance, both in terms of standing and remaining composed. He also mentioned that Prince Louis practices positioning himself behind the court and beside the players, just like the ball boys.

For the tournament, Princess Kate made an appearance wearing a stunning green Roland Mouret dress. She complemented her outfit with an elegant chain bag, nude pointed heels, and eye-catching statement jewel earrings. In the meantime, Prince William looked sharp in a light grey linen suit accompanied by a navy tie.

Prince George chose a sophisticated navy blue suit for the occasion, while Princess Charlotte appeared as graceful as always in a paisley print blue dress featuring charming ruffled sleeves.

The sight of George and Charlotte in the royal box is an uncommon occurrence because, as per the reported rule, unless they are members of the royal family, children are strictly prohibited from watching the match from the Royal Box, regardless of the circumstances. This rule has caused some dissatisfaction in the past.

According to Dickie Arbiter, the former press secretary of the late monarch, the prestigious royal box at Wimbledon is reserved for VIPs and Hollywood A-listers. The decision regarding who gets invited to sit in the royal box is made by Wimbledon itself. In an interview with HELLO!, Arbiter disclosed that Buckingham Palace receives a significant number of tickets from Wimbledon. Some of these tickets are allocated for the royal box, while others are designated as prime seats within the center court. The distribution of these tickets is done through a ballot system.

The presence of the two children at the tournament delighted royal enthusiasts, and fans couldn’t resist noticing a heartwarming moment just before they made their way to the royal box.

In a captured photograph, Princess Charlotte was seen bending down to affectionately stroke a police dog named Stella. This endearing act garnered praise on social media, with one individual describing it as “adorable.”

While onlookers observed the royal family’s appearance at the tournament, some fans couldn’t resist commenting on the noticeable growth of Prince George. One fan remarked, “Prince George’s transition from boy to young man is evident. He’s bound to captivate hearts! Those Wales genes.”

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