Princess Charlotte delights at Wimbledon with adorable behaviour – see photo

 Princess Charlotte achieved a historic milestone on Sunday as she made her inaugural visit to Wimbledon. However, it wasn’t just her charming outfit and passion for tennis that brought joy to those observing the royal family.

Even before the eight-year-old princess settled into her seat in the prestigious royal box, she captivated the audience with her delightful actions. One endearing moment occurred when she paused to affectionately stroke a police dog called Stella.

The heartwarming image shows Princess Charlotte bending down to caress the white and brown spaniel, leading dedicated followers of the royals to become infatuated with this behind-the-scenes encounter.

One person expressed their delight, saying, “So adorable!” Another individual commented, “Absolutely charming,” and another admired the young member of the royal family’s demeanor, stating, “There’s something unique about Charlotte; she has an extraordinary aura.”

In addition, supporters of the royal family also commended Prince George, as he interacted with children participating in the tennis tournament alongside his parents and sister.

A fan praised Prince George’s growth, stating, “Prince George is transitioning from being a boy to a young man. He is destined to break hearts! It’s the influence of the Wales genes.” Another person mentioned, “Prince George’s confidence radiates brilliantly.”

Another person concurred and added, “It’s delightful to witness Prince George’s increasing self-assurance.”

This marks the second occasion that the future monarch has attended Wimbledon. Last year, at the age of nine, Prince George went to the event accompanied solely by Princess Kate and Prince William. However, this year, the enjoyment was amplified with the presence of Princess Charlotte.

It must have been a special occasion for Charlotte and George to have the privilege of sitting alongside their parents in the prestigious Royal Box, as it is uncommon for children to be invited there, unless they are part of the royal family.

Prince George’s keen interest in tennis makes this experience even more meaningful for him. He has been receiving tennis lessons since the age of five and has even had the opportunity to play with professional tennis player Roger Federer.

Roger Federer confirmed that he had visited the residence of Princess of Wales’s parents, Carole and Michael Middleton, to meet Prince George. After their game together, he described the young prince as “cute” and praised his tennis technique.

The tennis champion expressed his hope that Prince George would maintain his passion for the sport as he grows older. Roger appreciated the fact that the royal family, especially Prince George’s mother, has always been supportive of tennis. He expressed his desire for Prince George to continue sharing the same love for the sport in the years to come.

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