Princess of wales and Meghan Markle’s secret royal lessons revealed?

 The Princess of Wales has long been admired for her exemplary royal etiquette. From her fashion choices to her public appearances, she has conducted herself as a model of professionalism. Many have wondered if she received any formal training in royal etiquette. King Charles’ former royal butler, Grant Harrold, revealed that new members of the royal family learn etiquette from within the household.

In an interview with HELLO! over an afternoon tea, Grant shared his insights on how Princess Kate went from a normal university student to a future Queen. He explained that outsiders, such as the Princess of Wales or the Duchess of Sussex, do not receive any formal lessons on royal etiquette. Instead, they learn by observing and practicing within the royal household.

Grant recounted a memorable moment from Trooping the Colour 2019 when Prince Harry corrected Meghan Markle’s etiquette on the Buckingham Palace balcony. He stated that this example perfectly illustrates how the royals learn from within.

During his six years as a royal butler, Grant never witnessed any of the royals attending etiquette classes. Instead, he emphasized that royal etiquette is simply passed on from one generation to the next within the household. This includes practices such as stirring tea in a certain way, placing utensils correctly, and positioning napkins perfectly.

The method of learning from within may not work for everyone, as it requires practice and observation. Grant explained that anyone else in the household is expected to learn ‘the royal way’ in the same manner as the staff. It is a tradition that has been passed down from one generation of royals to the next.

As King Charles ascends to the throne following Queen Elizabeth II’s death, the royal family is expected to make its first balcony appearance on the Buckingham Palace balcony in a while. The newly-crowned King and Queen Camilla are likely to be joined by their family members, including the Prince and Princess of Wales and their children. It remains unclear whether Prince Harry will join the family on the balcony.

In conclusion, the royal family’s etiquette is learned from within the household, as revealed by King Charles’ former royal butler. As the family prepares for their first balcony appearance in King Charles’ reign, it is clear that the tradition of royal etiquette will continue to be passed down to future generations.

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