Princess Kate is ‘thriving’ without Prince William on her solo engagements

Princess Kate is ‘thriving’ without Prince William on her solo engagements

Princess Kate, at the age of 41, conducted two individual official appearances at the beginning of the week while her husband, Prince William, traveled to New York to support the Earthshot Prize Awards. A specialist in body language provided an exclusive analysis to GB News, detailing Princess Kate’s approach to her back-to-back engagements and the evident growth in her confidence during her 12-year tenure as a working member of the royal family.


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Judi James asserted that Kate’s aptitude for active charisma demonstrates her adeptness at handling the growing number of solo royal engagements with a composed and professional demeanor. It appears that her body language has now attained an ideal level of effectiveness.

This implies that the previously understated, reserved (and perhaps slightly unexciting) Kate, who had accompanied William for many years, actually had a potential for great influence all along.

James continued to explain how Princess Kate exhibited her genuine self during her recent independent engagement in East London on Tuesday.

The expert expressed the view that recent body language signals indicate that we are now witnessing the authentic Kate, getting a glimpse of her inherent capability to command a room with vitality, authority, and enthusiasm.

Her postures displayed confidence, with her legs apart and her jacket unbuttoned, allowing for greater freedom of movement compared to some of her more formal coat dresses and skirts.

Additionally, she didn’t carry a bag that might have occupied her hands or served as a barrier.

Her movements were swift and dynamic, conveying enthusiasm, and her highly animated gestures reflected authentic interest in the individuals she encountered.

As per the body language analyst, Kate’s demeanor reminded one of another member of the Royal Family.

James proposed, “There was a touch of the energy and authority reminiscent of how Prince Philip conducted his royal visits.”

However, in all other respects, this appears to be entirely characteristic of ‘brand Kate’ – her unique manner of body language without borrowing from any other members of the Royal Family.

Kate has exchanged her flawless royal smile for one that is more personal and genuine, accompanied by an exceptionally lively and enthusiastic eye expression.

This indicates that she isn’t just managing without William by her side; she’s flourishing.

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