Prince William makes significant addition to royal team – report

Prince William makes significant addition to royal team – report

Prince William, aged 41, has recently brought a new team member on board, a move that holds significance as it mirrors a practice established by his father, King Charles.

As reported by GB News, Prince William has enlisted the services of a valet to help him better focus on his growing duties as the heir to the throne. According to the news outlet, this new addition to the household began their role earlier this month but did not accompany the Prince on his recent trip to New York.

The valet is said to be fulfilling the role of a personal assistant to Prince William, encompassing responsibilities related to his attire and overall appearance. Importantly, the cost of this staff member is not borne by taxpayers; instead, the funding is derived from the Prince’s income from the Duchy of Cornwall.

In this move, the future king is emulating his father, Charles, who has been employing valets for several years. Additionally, HELLO! has contacted Kensington Palace for further comments on this development.

Last week, Prince William concluded a two-day trip to New York, where he showed his support for his Earthshot Prize initiative. During his visit, he met with students who are part of the Billion Oyster Project on the Hudson River. Additionally, he participated in the Earthshot Prize Innovation Summit and made a visit to an FDNY fire station.

The upcoming third Earthshot Prize Awards ceremony is scheduled for November 7th in Singapore, but it is reported that the Princess of Wales will not be accompanying her husband at the event.

During the past week, the King and Queen embarked on a three-day state visit to France. During their visit, Charles achieved a historic milestone in the French Senate, while Camilla made a stunning appearance at the state banquet, wearing Dior attire and showcasing sapphire jewelry.

What is the Duchy of Cornwall?

The Duchy of Cornwall, one of the United Kingdom’s most expansive and ancient landed estates, has its origins dating back to 1337 when it was established by Edward III. The purpose was to provide financial support for his son and successor, Prince Edward, who was famously known as the Black Prince, as well as all of his future heirs.

This extensive estate spans across 23 counties in England and Wales, encompassing notable properties such as the Oval cricket ground and an impressive 67,000 acres of Dartmoor.

In the coming year, it is anticipated that the Prince will receive the full profit of £24 million generated by the Duchy. This income serves to cover the expenses associated with both Prince William’s public duties and his private life. Remarkably, the Duchy’s overall value exceeds £1 billion.

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