Princess Kate bonds with little girl over Princess Charlotte’s love of singing at Ukraine community hub

Princess Kate bonds with little girl over Princess Charlotte’s love of singing at Ukraine community hub

The Princess of Wales shared that her morning was brightened by her daughter, Princess Charlotte, as they bonded with a young girl over music during their visit to a center in Bracknell.

Kate, aged 41, actively participated in volunteering at the Vsi Razom Community Hub, where she assisted in packing aid boxes intended for Ukraine.

The royal mother of three emphasized the hub’s mission, which provides support to those affected by the ongoing conflict in Ukraine.

Kate’s visit coincided with the one-year anniversary of the hub, which was founded by Natalia Vil, originally from Estonia but residing in the UK for 25 years, and Ashleigh Toomey from the UK, both of whom are married to Ukrainians.

During her visit, the Princess had a conversation with eight-year-old Liza Sverdlova. Since the commencement of the war in Ukraine, the Prince and Princess of Wales have undertaken several visits to shine a spotlight on UK organizations offering aid and resources.

At the outset of her visit, the Princess was briefed by volunteers regarding the various services offered by the hub.

The name Vsi Razom, of Ukrainian origin, translates to “all together” in English.

Addressing the British and Ukrainian volunteers as well as the refugees assisting at the hub located in the Lexicon shopping centre, she expressed her gratitude by saying, “Thank you. Please continue with the incredible efforts you are putting in. It’s wonderful to witness the impactful work being carried out.”

As Kate began filling her box, she inquired, “Is there a method?” and received guidance to place the heaviest items at the bottom.

Upon learning that numerous Ukrainians had volunteered to assist at the center, she remarked, “It must be gratifying for them to contribute to their compatriots back home.”

Following the completion of her packing, the Princess wrote a heartfelt message that read, “Our thoughts are with all of you.”

The trouser suit has become a distinctive style choice for Kate, and in her most recent attire, she embraced the popular sweater vest trend by wearing it over a pristine white shirt.

She complemented her brunette hair, which was styled in relaxed waves reminiscent of the 1970s, with a pair of delicate hoop earrings.

The Princess took part in an arts and crafts session at the hub, where she crafted a Ukrainian ribbon brooch using the national colors of Ukraine.

After completing her creation, Kate humorously remarked, “I’m not certain this one will sell.”

Additionally, she sat alongside three-year-old Sofiya Ovchinnik, the daughter of Natalia, one of the hub’s co-founders, and assisted her in making a collage of paper flowers.

Sofiya was attired in a pink dress, adorned with a beaded necklace and a tiara, with her mother playfully mentioning that it was her regular outfit and not specifically chosen for the visit.

These sessions at the center play a crucial role in providing support, guidance, and the opportunity to build connections for displaced Ukrainians in their local community.

Subsequently, the princess received an invitation to contribute her handprint to a painting depicting a tree, commemorating the one-year anniversary of the Russian invasion of Ukraine on February 24, 2022. She took the precaution of wearing a disposable glove on her right hand before proceeding.

Before placing her handprint on the canvas, Kate remarked, “I’ve never done a handprint with a glove on. It will be a bit neater; usually, children end up spreading paint everywhere.”

The royal mother is well-known for photographing her youngest son, Prince Louis, as he created rainbow handprints to celebrate his second birthday during the lockdown in April 2020.

Kate also had a conversation with Tetiana Sverdlova, the psychologist at the Hub. Tetiana conducts weekly sessions for displaced Ukrainians, addressing the challenges they face while adapting to life in the UK.

Mrs. Sverdlova, who arrived in the UK through the Homes for Ukrainian People program in April 2023, found refuge with a family in Bracknell.

She shared, “We are still residing with them. They are exceptional individuals. It has been an incredible experience. Bracknell is a lovely town, and its residents are very hospitable. We feel a great deal of support.”

While her two sons, aged 23 and 16, along with her parents, remain in Ukraine, her daughter Liza, who is eight years old, was present to meet the Princess.

Following her departure, Natalia, one of the co-founders, expressed optimism that the Princess’s visit would enhance the hub’s visibility and potentially attract additional backing from local businesses.

Natalia further remarked, “It was truly incredible. She was exceptionally approachable and dedicated time to engage with everyone present in the room.”

As a gesture, the Princess was presented with a lovely bouquet of flowers in shades of blue and yellow, symbolizing Ukraine’s flag.

A group of people had assembled outside the community hub, and Kate spent time conversing with and embracing individuals from the public who had been patiently waiting for her.

In November of the previous year, Kate paid a visit to the Reading Ukrainian Community Centre and offered her respects to the courageous displaced families.

Additionally, the Royal Foundation of the Prince and Princess arranged a virtual roundtable discussion to provide guidance in support of the mental health strategy of the First Lady of Ukraine.

Kate’s visit on Wednesday was not pre-publicized, and it followed her and William’s trip to Cardiff, where they marked the commencement of Black History Month.

The royal pair met with Windrush veterans at the Grange Pavilion, with the Prince making a humorous comment during a group photo, saying, “Who’s playfully touching my backside?”

In addition, the Princess shared her involvement in assisting Prince George in his preparations for upcoming examinations while conversing with students in the Sixth Form at Fitzalan High School.

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