Princess Eugenie issues touching tribute to late Queen and shares moment that left Royal Family stunned

Princess Eugenie issues touching tribute to late Queen and shares moment that left Royal Family stunned

Princess Eugenie has extended a poignant homage to her grandmother, the departed monarch, and disclosed a moment that took the entire Royal Family by astonishment.

The Royal Household harbored no inkling that Queen Elizabeth II would grace the James Bond skit within the grand spectacle of the London 2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony, as per the testimony of the Princess from York.

Eugenie asserted that “nobody was privy to the knowledge” that a thespian enacting Queen Elizabeth would elegantly “parachute” into the Olympic Colosseum in the company of a performer portraying Daniel Craig.

In her discourse on the White Wine Question Time podcast with Kate Thornton, the 33-year-old articulated that it was an “astounding occurrence” to witness her grandmother embrace the comical skit.

She conveyed, “We were all caught unawares!

“She truly ranked among the most exceptional individuals globally.

“Her dedication, unwavering sense of responsibility, and profound affection for her subjects became patently evident, both for the general populace as you witnessed, and behind closed doors, with us.

“We also imbibed invaluable life lessons from her – on the art of conversing with people, on resilience, and on upholding one’s obligations with benevolence. She bequeathed these virtues to us.”

Regarding her immediate family, Eugenie effusively lauded her mother, Sarah Ferguson, and her elder sibling, Princess Beatrice.

The mother of two disclosed that she reaches out to Beatrice for counsel on “virtually every matter.”

Furthermore, she commended the philanthropic endeavors of the Duchess of York.

Eugenie expounded, “She has established a charitable organization of her own, erected educational institutions, and embarked on global ventures… Her example undeniably serves as the cornerstone of my guiding principles.”

In the preceding week, the princess conducted an interview with the former Prime Minister, Theresa May, for her exclusive podcast, Floodlight.

She rendezvoused with May at her parliamentary bureau within the precincts of the House of Commons to advocate for Anti-Slavery Day.

The former Premier presides on the advisory council of Eugenie’s foundation, known as the Anti-Slavery Collective.

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