Princess of Wales makes low-key visit to old boarding school – report

Princess of Wales makes low-key visit to old boarding school – report

the Princess of Wales recently embarked on a sentimental journey by paying a visit to one of her former educational establishments.

As per the accounts provided by Richard Eden of The Daily Mail, Kate was sighted at her alma mater, Marlborough College, nestled in the picturesque landscapes of Wiltshire.

The precise motive behind this reported excursion remains shrouded in ambiguity. Yet, one could conjecture that the royal mother might be contemplating the £46,995-per-annum institution as a prospective educational avenue for Prince George’s forthcoming scholastic pursuits.

Kensington Palace, it appears, has chosen to maintain a discreet silence regarding this matter.

In the imminent weeks, the ten-year-old Prince is scheduled to undergo examinations, believed to be the ISEB Common Pre-tests. During a recent visit to Cardiff, Kate divulged to Sixth Form students, “I have been aiding George in his preparations for the forthcoming examinations, and I am well aware of the trials and tribulations of the realm of mathematics.”

She continued, “George is only at the initial stages of these assessments. He often laments, ‘Mummy, I am incessantly subjected to evaluations.’ However, when he advances to A-levels, the demands intensify.”

Marlborough College served as the young Princess’s residence from 1996 to 2000, a period during which she diligently secured A-Levels in Mathematics, Art, and English. Furthermore, she held the esteemed position of captain in the women’s field hockey team.

Marlborough College, an independent, fully residential co-educational institution, caters to pupils between the ages of 13 and 18. Within its resplendent premises, one can find an enclosed aquatic facility, a tennis court, and an athletic track, all contributing to its scholastic grandeur.

At present, the trio of progeny of the Prince and Princess of Wales, namely Prince George, Princess Charlotte, aged eight, and the five-year-old Prince Louis, attend the Lambrook school in Berkshire. This educational institution lies in proximity to their familial abode, the Adelaide Cottage in Windsor.

The distinguished hosts of HELLO!’s A Right Royal Podcast recently embarked on a comprehensive exploration of the educational prospects for George, Charlotte, and Louis within the royal family.

While Eton College looms as a prospective institution for Prince George, given the fact that both his father, William, and uncle Prince Harry count themselves among its alumni, the choice is not without its complexities.

Though it may seem the most apparent choice due to its close adjacency to Windsor Castle, Melanie Sanderson, the Managing Editor of The Good Schools Guide, illuminated the reason why William and Kate might not incline toward Marlborough College for their daughter, Charlotte.

She elucidated, “Contrastingly, in days of yore, young gentlemen remained confined to the school premises at all times. Now, it is customary for mothers to descend for a rendezvous over coffee or tea on the high street. There is even a provision for them to return home overnight on a Saturday or Sunday.”

Conversely, with regards to Marlborough, Melanie emphasized, “Wiltshire poses a significant journey. Although they may possess a royal fleet at their disposal, spontaneous reunions for a cup of tea are not an option. [Charlotte] would be immersed in a more profoundly residential environment.”

She added, “It is my intuitive feeling that they may opt to keep her in closer proximity to their familial hearth.”

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