Princess Anne is unrecognisable with long hair at Wimbledon in incredible archive photo

 Princess Anne’s signature beehive hairstyle has gained widespread recognition as she has maintained the same look for over four decades. However, it may come as a surprise to learn that the Princess Royal used to have long hair.

An archived photo recently resurfaced, capturing King Charles’ sister with her longer locks during her attendance at Wimbledon in 1967. In the image, Anne’s hair appeared to be skillfully tucked into her dress, creating the illusion of a bob hairstyle, which was another style she once embraced.

During the event, Anne was seated in the royal box, enjoying the men’s singles final match between John Newcombe and Wilhelm Bungert. She appeared relaxed and entertained as she laughed from her courtside position.

Despite her hair being an iconic aspect of her overall appearance, it is surprisingly quick for her to perfect. In fact, Anne was astonished to learn that the hair department of the television series “The Crown” used to spend two hours recreating her hairstyle.

As part of the documentary “Anne: The Princess Royal at 70,” released to commemorate her significant birthday, Queen Elizabeth’s daughter, Anne, shared her thoughts on an article she had read. Although she personally doesn’t watch Netflix or the TV series “The Crown,” the actress from the show had discussed the extensive time it took to style their hair similar to Anne’s. Surprisingly, Anne found it difficult to comprehend why it would take so long, as her own hairstyling routine only requires 10 to 15 minutes.

Known for her modest public profile and unassuming fashion choices, the Princess Royal surprised fans when glimpses of her cozy living room in her private residence were revealed. In the photos, Anne was seen seated next to her partner on a large red patterned sofa, with a plasma TV displaying a rugby match in front of them. One fan expressed their admiration, describing the setting as homely and relatable, in a comment left on the royal family’s Instagram post.

Another commenter added, “I appreciate the fact that their house has a relatable and familiar atmosphere,” while a third person remarked, “I adore the cozy and well-lived-in appearance.”

Anne’s dietary choices are far from extravagant, as reported by MailOnline. The Princess Royal has never been one to seek opulence or indulgence during mealtime. In fact, she has been known to serve pork pies or “anything by Fray Bentos,” a brand of tinned meat commonly found in supermarkets, to her dinner guests.

In an amusing display, our Lifestyle Writer decided to try Anne’s unique diet, resulting in an entertaining experience.

Furthermore, smoked fish is a dinner favorite for Anne, while blackened bananas make up her breakfast routine.

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