Prince William’s secluded paradise island is a haven for children George, Charlotte and Louis

 Prince William’s property holdings expanded significantly when he assumed the title of Prince of Wales and took on the responsibilities of the Duchy of Cornwall, which he inherited from his father, King Charles.

Among the remarkable locations under his ownership is the Isles of Scilly, a cluster of more than 200 islands, including the charming Tresco Island. With a population of just 175 residents, this island offers complete seclusion, making it an ideal summer retreat for William and Kate, where they can spend time with their three children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis.

Apart from its breathtaking scenery, the destination’s appeal is also enhanced by various water and land-based activities available for visitors.

In 2019, Prince William and Kate, accompanied by their family, visited the Isles of Scilly and enjoyed their stay, during which they were spotted exploring the area on bicycles. However, the Duke’s initial experience of the Isles of Scilly dates back to June 1989 when he visited the place with his brother, Prince Harry, and his parents, King Charles and Princess Diana.

The isle offers various accommodation options, including charming cottages and apartments. On their 2019 visit, the Wales family stayed at the beautiful Dolphin House manor.

According to the booking website, the property is situated within a walled garden, which is a well-maintained and diverse collection of plants, offering an array of textures and colors, making it an ideal place for enjoyable activities like hide & seek or simply relaxing on sunny afternoons.

The accommodation can comfortably accommodate ten people, providing ample space for the family to bring along live-in staff if they desire to do so.

Currently, rental availability is restricted, and the rates for a week’s stay in September or October are set at £4,135.

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In addition to the Isles of Scilly, Wales is being considered as a possible destination for the family to visit in the upcoming months. This choice is influenced by William and Kate’s new royal titles and their roles within Wales. The couple has a strong emotional connection to the country, having lived in Anglesey for several years.

This year, the Wales children’s summer break from school will be quite distinctive due to various changes. The family currently resides in Windsor at Adelaide Cottage, which grants them abundant rural space right at their doorstep.

Regrettably, this will be the first summer season without their late great granny, Queen Elizabeth II, and if their annual Balmoral visit takes place, it will undoubtedly be a markedly different experience.

Grant Harrold, the former Royal butler, expressed to HELLO! his belief that the family will persist in going to Balmoral Castle each year. He is confident that all of them share the same fondness for Scotland as the Queen did, and therefore, Balmoral will always hold a special place in the British Royal family’s heart.

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