Prince William and Princess Kate’s latest lovers’ tiff is so relatable

Prince William and Princess Kate’s latest lovers’ tiff is so relatable

The Prince and Princess of Wales, William and Kate, had a relatable lovers’ disagreement during a live interview on BBC Radio 1 on Wednesday. They were discussing their evening plans and who would be responsible for cooking dinner when Kate turned to William and inquired, “Are you going to do the cooking?” This situation mirrors common challenges that many couples experience.

William remarked, “No, I believe it will likely be a curry tonight, won’t it?” Kate responded, “So you’re counting on me?” William humorously added, “It depends on when we return.”

Kate then agreed, “Yes, it’s probably going to be a curry or maybe teriyaki salmon.”

When Radio 1 hosts Jordan North and Vick Hope inquired about their curry preferences, William admitted, “I can’t handle too much spice; I start sweating. It’s not very appealing.” He jokingly said that Kate “has to ease it in gradually because otherwise, I get too sweaty, and it’s not a pleasant sight!”

Kate shared, “In contrast, I enjoy the spice, so I have to prepare the curry and then add extra spice at the end.”

During a mental health forum for World Mental Health Day, the royals had a lighthearted moment discussing their favorite emojis. William mischievously inquired, “Is this a clean thing or a family-friendly one? I’ve been advised not to mention the aubergine, so I have to select something else. It would have been the aubergine, but now, because I have to be all mature, it’s the one where the eyes go up and down, and the mouth is out. What’s that one? The slightly crazy one.”

Kate, displaying her sense of humor, confessed, “Mine’s probably the heart and then the crying emoji. The hysterical laughing when things have gone wrong.”

Vick, clearly surprised by William’s choice, jokingly remarked, “He has a naughty mind.”

Earlier in the day, the Prince and Princess of Wales carried out separate engagements in Milton Keynes and Nottingham. Kate visited two universities in the city and expressed her desire to be a student again after learning about the mental health services available to current students. She fondly recalled her own time at St Andrews, where she met her future husband, highlighting how university provided her with opportunities to explore new hobbies and challenges in various areas like sports, music, and art. Kate also mentioned her children and how she encourages them to try new things, emphasizing that university was a great opportunity for her to do the same.

Meanwhile, William met with young individuals from the emergency services at the Blue Light Hub in Milton Keynes. As someone who had worked as a pilot for the East Anglian Air Ambulance from 2015 to 2017, he shared that leaving that job was a significant change and described it as a “cliff fall.” He discussed the loneliness and isolation that can follow such transitions and highlighted the importance of better long-term health management, especially for people entering retirement.

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