Prince William and Princess Kate make big changes to royal team – details

Prince William and Princess Kate make big changes to royal team – details

The Prince of Wales is getting ready to say goodbye to his current private secretary, Jean-Christophe Gray. Meanwhile, Prince William and Princess Kate are undergoing changes in their household structure, as they plan to bring in a new CEO, a departure from the usual practice of having a Private Secretary lead a senior royal’s team. According to The Times, Jean-Christophe, who originally came to Kensington Palace from Whitehall, will be departing from his role at Kensington Palace in the spring of 2024.

Jean-Christophe Gray assumed his position at Kensington Palace in February 2021, taking over from Christian Jones. Before becoming Prince William’s private secretary, he had experience working in the Government’s Treasury Department as the head of general expenditure policy and was also part of the communications team for then-Prime Minister David Cameron in 2012.

Christian Jones, who previously served as Prince William’s private secretary, departed from his position almost a year after assuming the role in March 2020.

In September, Prince William and Princess Kate began the process of searching for a new CEO. They posted a job advertisement for the position, which stated: “This presents a distinct chance to become a part of the committed team at Kensington Palace that assists in the exceptional efforts of Their Royal Highnesses The Prince and Princess of Wales.

“The CEO will hold the highest-ranking and responsible position within the Household, with direct reporting to Their Royal Highnesses The Prince and Princess of Wales.”

The job advertisement further stated: “The selected individual will have the duty of crafting and executing THR’s enduring plan and further enhancing a professional and cooperative atmosphere within the Household.

“Applicants should possess a proven history of strategic and cultural leadership in challenging and fast-paced environments, along with the capability to exemplify essential values such as discretion, modesty, honesty, and tact, which are central to this unique work setting.”

Prince William and Princess Kate have had a bustling schedule recently. In the previous week, the royal pair journeyed to Cardiff to observe the commencement of Black History Month and to mark the 75th anniversary of the arrival of the HMT Empire Windrush in the United Kingdom.

As part of their royal commitment, William and Kate made a distinct visit to the Grange Pavilion, a community facility that provides its members with amenities like a community café and opportunities for employment and training.

They engaged in conversations with individuals from the Windrush Cymru Elders, an organization formed in 2017 with the mission of raising awareness about the issues and requirements of ethnic minority elders, while also recognizing the accomplishments of the Windrush generation.

In the later part of the day, the Prince and Princess of Wales made a visit to Fitzalan High School, where they were informed about the projects undertaken by students related to Black history and the contributions of the Windrush generation.

The school caters to one of the most varied and underprivileged populations in Wales, with 70 percent of its students using English as their second language. Additionally, there are students at the school who are immediate family members of the Windrush Cymru Elders.

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