Prince William and Princess Kate are showing they’re not afraid to do things differently – Analysis by Cameron Walker

Prince William and Princess Kate are showing they’re not afraid to do things differently – Analysis by Cameron Walker

Appointing a Chief Executive signifies that The Prince and Princess of Wales are forward-thinking members of the royal family unafraid of embracing innovation.

The selected individual, believed to be the first CEO ever employed in a royal residence, will hold the highest-ranking and most accountable position within Kensington Palace. They will directly report to Prince William and Princess Catherine and will oversee approximately 60 staff members.

While the future King and Queen have their separate Private Secretaries, they share a Communications team, and the increasing number of their initiatives and projects has notably heightened their workload. Furthermore, Prince William must now divide his time between managing the Duchy of Cornwall and fulfilling his new responsibilities as the heir apparent.

So, does this imply that there will be less time available for The Earthshot Prize (aimed at finding solutions to repair the planet), Shaping Us (focused on raising awareness about the significance of early childhood development), and Homewards (demonstrating the possibility of ending homelessness in Britain)?

I have reservations about that. The job requirements indicate that the chosen candidate will need to work “closely with the CEOs of The Royal Foundation, The Duchy of Cornwall, and The Earthshot Prize to support and maximize the impact of [William and Catherine’s] work.”

It seems Prince William and Princess Catherine are seeking someone capable of providing guidance, promoting collaboration, and ensuring that none of their commendable initiatives are neglected.

Additionally, the CEO will have the responsibility of collaborating directly with Buckingham Palace, where the staff of The King and Queen are situated.

This indicates Prince William and Princess Catherine’s intention to ensure that their endeavors and priorities are in harmony with Their Majesties’ and are in line with King Charles’ vision for the future of the monarchy.

In contrast, Prince Harry’s upcoming memoir implied ongoing conflicts among the various royal households.

The Duke of Sussex characterized Prince William, then Prince Charles, and the Private Secretaries of the Late Queen as “middle-aged white men who had managed to consolidate power through a series of bold Machiavellian maneuvers.”

However, the prospective head of Prince William and Princess Catherine’s household is highly unlikely to correspond to that description.

The job posting mandates that the incoming Chief Executive possess a “humble attitude,” along with “strong self-awareness and insight into how they influence others.”

This stands in stark contrast to the atmosphere at Kensington Palace in 2018, which was marred by unverified and contested allegations of bullying involving Prince William’s sister-in-law.

It appears that the Prince and Princess of Wales are determined to ensure that their employees remain content and receive adequate support in their work environment.

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