Prince and Princess of Wales Knew All About the Royal Racists, but Did Nothing, Book Claims

Prince and Princess of Wales Knew All About the Royal Racists, but Did Nothing, Book Claims

In a bombshell release from Omid Scobie’s latest book, “Endgame,” intricate details of the royal family’s internal struggles have been exposed, reigniting the controversy surrounding Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. The book sheds light on Prince William and Kate Middleton’s awareness of conversations within royal circles about the potential skin color of Harry and Meghan’s son, Archie.

The Royal Refusal

Despite being requested by the king to address Meghan’s concerns, William and Kate reportedly refused to engage in the discussion. Scobie’s revelations hint at a deeper complexity in William’s public versus private stance on racial issues, pointing out the apparent contradiction between his public initiatives against racism and the unaddressed accusations within his own family.

Unspoken Tensions

Scobie discloses that the racial concerns surrounding Archie’s skin color were raised by two individuals, identities protected by U.K. law. The silence from William and Kate on the matter, even two years after the Oprah interview, remains a point of contention, leaving both Harry and Meghan without any resolution or acknowledgment from the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

Palace Intrigue

Reports suggest that Kate played a pivotal role in crafting Buckingham Palace’s official response, including the ambiguous line, “Recollections may vary.” This leads to speculation that not all members of the royal family align with the sentiments expressed by the Sussexes.

Edward and Sophie Under Scrutiny

Scobie doesn’t spare Prince Edward and his wife Sophie from criticism, highlighting instances of what he deems racial insensitivity. Sophie’s dismissive comment about Oprah and Edward’s response to the prime minister of Antigua further deepen the scrutiny on the royal family’s understanding of racial issues.

Princess Michael of Kent’s Allegations

The book also unveils Princess Michael of Kent’s alleged comments on Meghan during a Kensington Palace meeting in March 2021, suggesting a preconceived notion about her based on race. Scobie recalls a past incident where Princess Michael wore a Blackamoor brooch to a family Christmas lunch with Meghan.

A Critical Eye on the Queen

Scobie delves into Queen Camilla’s choices, noting a Blackamoor statue in her home until recently and blackamoor sconces in Clarence House until 2018. This scrutiny forms part of a broader analysis of the royal family’s historical lack of commitment to addressing racial and diversity issues.

The Unveiled Realities

Scobie’s revelations bring to the forefront the unresolved tensions within the royal family, exposing a lack of commitment to tackling racial issues both within the Commonwealth and behind palace walls. As King Charles and Prince William make efforts to address these matters, the revelations from “Endgame” leave the world questioning the sincerity of these initiatives.

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