Meghan Markle claims there are TWO ‘royal racists’ who discussed Archie’s skin colour, according to bombshell book

Meghan Markle claims there are TWO ‘royal racists’ who discussed Archie’s skin colour, according to bombshell book

Amidst the revelations unraveling from Prince Harry and Meghan’s Oprah Winfrey interview, a tumultuous undertone emerged, accusing an undisclosed member of the Royal Family of speculating on the potential complexion of Archie’s skin before his birth.

However, Omid Scobie’s forthcoming literary work, “Endgame,” delves even deeper, asserting that within private correspondences to the monarch, Meghan explicitly identified two individuals within the Royal Household who allegedly engaged in these “conversations.”

The identities of these individuals remain undisclosed within the provocative pages of the impending book, set to grace bookshelves on Tuesday, though clandestinely shared with The Sun.

Whether the second accused party is a royal kin or a family staffer remains a mystery, yet their affiliation with the Royal Household is confirmed.

Scobie asserts possessing the knowledge of their identities, but stringent United Kingdom laws bind him from disclosing such information.

The claim of involvement by two individuals poses the risk of reigniting a racially charged dispute, evoking Queen Elizabeth’s response three years prior, where she acknowledged that “recollections may vary.”

Both names allegedly surface in the correspondence exchanged between Meghan and Charles in the spring of 2021, following the Oprah interview.

The book contends that Meghan perceived the need to address “unconscious bias and ignorance” entrenched within the Royal Family.

In response, Charles aimed to convey in his letters a sense of no animosity or casual prejudice, distancing himself from any negative connotations.

The leaked book asserts Charles’s desire to address a matter of personal conviction, emphasizing the absence of “hard feelings” regarding the specific incident, while acknowledging numerous unresolved concerns.

The revelation of the identities within the letters supposedly gave both parties a sense of being “heard,” according to the book.

During Meghan’s Oprah interview in March 2021, she alluded to remarks made in “several conversations” but abstained from disclosing names, citing potential harm to their reputation.

Harry, promoting his book “Spare” in January of this year, negated any accusations of “racism” against the Royal Family, opting for the term “unconscious bias” instead.

“Endgame” marks Scobie’s second foray into royal literature, following his previous work, “Finding Freedom,” penned two years ago, where he was hailed as “Meghan’s Cheerleader.”

Despite assertions that the Sussexes played no role in “Finding Freedom,” revelations during Meghan’s High Court case last year indicated their involvement in shaping favorable narratives communicated through Scobie via an intermediary.

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