New twist in cruel campaign against Princess Kate’s family as OnlyFans model feuds with royal in-laws

New twist in cruel campaign against Princess Kate’s family as OnlyFans model feuds with royal in-laws
New twist in cruel campaign against Princess Kate’s family as OnlyFans model feuds with royal in-laws

The parents of Princess Kate have once again found themselves the unfortunate targets of a malicious poster campaign, this time featuring an OnlyFans model.

These posters have been conspicuously displayed in the village of Bucklebury, located in Berkshire, which is the hometown of Carole and Michael Middleton, the Princess’s parents.


The raunchy placards have been slapped up in their village of Bucklebury, Berks, claiming to advertise a young woman who 'suffered' due to the collapse of their firm


In an odd twist, the young woman depicted in these posters peculiarly asserts that the Middletons are responsible for her decision to appear on the adult content platform.

The Middleton family has been embroiled in a malevolent campaign ever since their former party business, burdened with debts amounting to £2.6 million, collapsed during the summer, inciting outrage among their suppliers. Carole, aged 68, and Michael, aged 74, had divested themselves of the company merely weeks before its downfall.

The first wave of spiteful posters was reported by The Sun on Sunday earlier this month. However, this second onslaught, featuring a model by the name of Molly, appears to have inundated the area with a significantly greater number of these signs.

Numerous posters bearing Molly’s image were discovered within a three-mile radius of the Middleton family’s village. One such poster was affixed to a sign for Bucklebury Farm, which is owned by Princess Kate’s sister, Pippa Middleton, aged 40, and her husband, James Matthews, aged 48. The farm, known for its family-friendly petting zoo, has even played host to Prince George.

Furthermore, an email containing photos of these posters was disseminated to hundreds of recipients from an anonymous source. The images featured Molly donning a pink brassiere and included a message claiming that her venture into OnlyFans was precipitated by the financial woes suffered by the company from which she was laid off, a company that had suffered losses in the wake of the collapse of the Middletons’ Party Pieces firm.

There have been calls for the Middleton family, who originally established their business from their home in 1987, to personally settle these outstanding debts.

Close associates of Carole Middleton contend that she was earnestly attempting to ensure that the creditors were duly compensated.

Molly, aged 23, in conversation with The Sun, disclosed that she had enlisted friends to display the posters on her behalf during the course of Wednesday night. She remained reticent regarding the identity of the company that terminated her employment and adamantly denied that her actions were part of a publicity stunt.

Molly conveyed, “The crux of the matter is that when one fails to satisfy their creditors, the ramifications are not confined to a solitary individual; it affects all the employees associated with the enterprise. This is why I assert that I was made redundant on account of this.”

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She clarified, “This is not a promotional stunt, as you can ascertain from the photograph; however, it does offer an exceptional opportunity for me in terms of public recognition. Do you not think I am deserving of some form of recompense after having been unfairly dismissed? I firmly believe I am.”


When questioned about the allegations that the Middletons were being unfairly targeted, Molly responded, “Do you think that unfair treatment equates to non-payment of substantial debts or being subjected to redundancy? I believe that I was the aggrieved party, along with others.”

Molly revealed that she commenced her OnlyFans venture in January as a supplementary source of income, claiming that she transitioned into it on a full-time basis subsequent to losing her administrative job in April. She maintained, “I was informed that this was a consequence of their company’s actions. After viewing the initial posters online, I felt compelled to express my frustration and communicate my sentiments to a wider audience. I believe many others share similar sentiments.”

The message posted across the village featuring Molly’s image read, “This is the path I have been compelled to follow! The organization that once employed me has now terminated my services. The reason behind this is that: PARTY PIECES HOLDINGS LTD have failed to meet their obligations!”

The incendiary posters were promptly removed by indignant locals who have regarded the Middletons as their neighbors for many years. One villager, Sharon Fry, aged 49, lamented, “These posters were ubiquitous, adorning the entrances to farms and even the local church. It is inappropriate for our picturesque village to be adorned with images of a scantily clad model.”

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The Middleton’s Party Pieces firm went bust
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