Joy for Princess of Wales’s brother James Middleton as he and wife welcome their first baby

Joy for Princess of Wales’s brother James Middleton as he and wife welcome their first baby

In the bustling streets of Notting Hill, James Middleton, a gentleman of 36 years, was observed gracefully maneuvering his recently welcomed offspring in the company of his beloved spouse, Alizee Thevenet, on a fine Tuesday.

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The gender of the infant remains shrouded in secrecy, an enigma yet to be unveiled to the world.

With unwavering determination to safeguard the sanctity of their pregnancy and the birth of their progeny, James and Alizee abstained from sharing intimate glimpses of their lives with their avid social media followers, the last digital communication being disseminated on the 12th of September.

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The enterprising individual graced the digital realm with an image featuring the expectant Alizee, accompanied by a caption that alluded to brighter days yet to unfold, an artful expression of anticipation.

In a series of charming vignettes, the amorous couple meandered through the labyrinthine streets of London, gently pushing an opulent Silver Cross pram, an elegant contraption carrying an approximate price tag of £800, as per the report by MailOnline.

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The fair-haired French financial analyst, Alizee, elected to embrace a natural aesthetic, forsaking the embellishments of cosmetics on what appears to be her maiden excursion since parturition.

It is noteworthy to mention that Kate’s sister, Pippa, has already been blessed with three offspring in the company of her life partner, James Matthews. This new addition to the Middleton clan marks the seventh grandchild bestowed upon Carole and Michael Middleton, a family lineage enriched by the gentle patter of yet another generation.

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