Lady Louise Windsor to make big decision this summer

 Lady Louise Windsor, the daughter of the Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh, has successfully completed her inaugural year as an undergraduate student at the University of St Andrews. Aged 19, she commenced her studies at this esteemed institution in September and chose to pursue a degree in English.

As she prepares for her second year, Lady Louise faces an important decision in the upcoming summer. Typically, like many other students who have resided in on-campus accommodations during their initial year, she will need to arrange her own living arrangements for the remaining two years of her program.

Following in the footsteps of her cousin, Prince William, Lady Louise has opted to study at the University of St Andrews, where Prince William himself met his future spouse, Kate Middleton.

The Prince of Wales achieved a 2:1 in Geography during his time at university, while the Princess of Wales obtained a 2:1 in Art History in 2005. Initially, they resided at St Salvator’s Halls of Residence, known as Sallies, when they first enrolled at the university in Fife. However, after the first year, William and Kate decided to rent a two-storey Victorian terraced house together with two friends, which was reportedly located at 13A Hope Street, close to the university.

During their final year, the couple, who began dating in 2003, shared a four-bedroom cottage named Balgove House on the Strathtyrum Estate with their friends. Reflecting on their early relationship, Kate mentioned to TV cook Mary Berry that William used to cook various meals during their university days, possibly attempting to impress her. Some examples included Bolognese sauces and similar dishes.

Since graduating, William and Kate have revisited their university on multiple occasions, including a visit shortly before their royal wedding in 2011. In 2021, during their tour of Scotland, the couple also took a nostalgic trip to St Andrews to reminisce about their time there.

The evening prior to their arrival, the pair were observed departing Forgan’s eatery in the city after savoring a delightful dinner together.

Lady Louise Windsor’s education

The adolescent commenced her education at St George’s School situated in Windsor Castle before transferring to St Mary’s School Ascot in Year 9.

Her chosen A-Level subjects consisted of English, History, Politics, and Drama.

Buckingham Palace chose not to disclose Lady Louise’s A-Level grades, but the usual requirements for admission to St Andrews University are AAA.

Upon finishing their education, it is not anticipated that Lady Louise and her younger brother, James, Earl of Wessex, who is 15 years old, will be involved in royal duties.

Regarding her children’s future plans, the Duchess of Edinburgh discussed in an interview with The Sunday Times in June 2020, stating, “We raise them with the awareness that they will most likely need to work for a living. That’s why we decided not to use HRH titles. They possess them and can choose to use them once they turn 18, but I believe it is highly improbable.”

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