King Charles and Queen Consort Camilla look so regal in new portraits ahead of the coronation

 With just eight days to go until the coronation of the King and Queen Consort, Buckingham Palace has released three new photographs of the couple taken by photographer Hugo Burnand. The images were captured in the Palace’s blue drawing room last month and offer a glimpse into the regal elegance that will be on display during the ceremony.

One of the photographs shows the King and Queen Consort standing side by side in front of a portrait of King George V, painted shortly after his coronation in June 1911. The King, who is 74 years old, is seen wearing a blue Anderson and Sheppard suit with a blue tie and a white Turnbull and Asser shirt. Meanwhile, the Queen Consort, who is 75 years old, is wearing a blue wool crepe coat dress from her go-to designer Fiona Claire, along with the late Queen’s pearl drop earrings set adorned with sapphire and ruby gemstones, and a pearl necklace from her private collection.

The other two photographs show the King and Queen Consort seated individually in giltwood and silk upholstered armchairs. The King is sitting in an armchair that dates back to 1829 and was supplied to King George IV to furnish Windsor Castle, while the Queen Consort is sitting in a giltwood and silk long-seated upholstered armchair dating back to 1812. The photographs capture the grandeur and history of the royal family.

Hugo Burnand is a well-known photographer who has previously captured important moments in the lives of the royal family. He was the official photographer for the King and Queen Consort’s wedding in 2005, as well as for Prince William and Princess Kate’s nuptials in 2011. His photographs are known for their timeless quality, capturing the beauty and grace of his subjects.

The coronation ceremony for the King and Queen Consort will take place on 6 May at Westminster Abbey. The palace has shared details of the carriages, procession route, regalia, and ceremonial roles for the big day. Prince George, the young grandson of the King, will have a starring role as one of his grandfather’s pages of honour. Meanwhile, the Princess Royal will reportedly be the King’s Gold-Stick-in-Waiting, who is entrusted with the monarch’s personal safety.

The release of the new photographs gives us a glimpse into the royal family’s preparations for the coronation ceremony. The elegance and grandeur of the King and Queen Consort are evident in the photographs, and they are sure to be a sight to behold during the ceremony. The world will be watching as the King and Queen Consort are crowned, and we can only imagine the excitement and anticipation that is building in the lead-up to the big day.

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