Best photos of the royal family’s tiaras worn by Princess Kate, Queen Camilla and more

Best photos of the royal family’s tiaras worn by Princess Kate, Queen Camilla and more

The late Queen Elizabeth II had a big collection of tiaras. Since she passed away in September 2022, we’ve been seeing her family members wearing some of her most beautiful jewels for the first time.

The British royal family’s heirlooms are super fancy, and tiaras are usually saved for important events like state visits, the Diplomatic reception, and the state opening of Parliament.

At a recent South Korean banquet, Queen Camilla wore the late Queen’s Burmese Ruby tiara for the first time. The Princess of Wales also made her debut in the late Queen Mother’s Strathmore Rose tiara.

Many of Elizabeth II’s personal jewels came from the Queen Mother and her grandmother, Queen Mary of Teck.

Let’s check out some of the royal family’s most special tiaras.

Strathmore Rose Tiara

The Princess of Wales wore this floral-themed tiara to the South Korean state banquet in November 2023. It belonged to the Queen Mother and was a gift from her parents in 1923, the year she married the future George VI. This tiara hasn’t been seen on a royal family member for almost a century.

Burmese Ruby Tiara

Camilla’s ruby and diamond Burmese tiara, worn by the late Queen in 2019, has a cool story. When Princess Elizabeth got married in 1947, she got a wedding gift of 96 rubies from the people of Burma, symbolizing protection from 96 diseases. In 1973, the rubies were turned into the Burmese tiara by Garrard.

Girls of Great Britain and Ireland Tiara

This tiara, one of the late Queen Elizabeth II’s favorites, made its debut in 1893 as a wedding gift from the ‘Girls of Great Britain and Ireland’ to Queen Mary. Queen Camilla rocked it at a dinner and reception in October 2023.

Grand Duchess Vladimir Tiara

Originally made for Grand Duchess Maria Pavlovna in 1874, this tiara ended up with Queen Mary in 1921. She changed it to wear with emeralds, as seen on the late Queen.

Cartier Halo Tiara

This tiara, featuring 739 brilliants and 149 baton diamonds, was passed down to Elizabeth II in 1936. Princess Margaret and Princess Anne wore it in their younger days. Kate borrowed it for her wedding in 2011.

Anthemion Tiara

The Duchess of Edinburgh got this tiara made from antique pieces in the late Queen’s collection. It’s Sophie’s signature tiara, redesigned by Angela Kelly.

Delhi Durbar Tiara

Camilla wore this impressive tiara for her first tiara moment in 2005. It was made for Queen Mary to wear to the Delhi Durbar in 1911.

Greville Emerald Kokoshnik Tiara

Princess Eugenie looked stunning in this tiara on her wedding day in 2018. It was made in 1919 for Mrs. Greville and bequeathed to the Queen in 1942.

Lover’s Knot Tiara

Kate’s favorite is the Lover’s Knot, a replica of the Cambridge Lover’s Knot tiara made for Queen Mary in 1913. Princess Diana also loved this one.

Queen Mary’s Diamond Bandeau Tiara

Meghan wore this tiara on her wedding day in 2018. It features a detachable floral-shaped brooch given to Queen Mary in 1893.

Boucheron Honeycomb Tiara

One of Queen Camilla’s favorites, this tiara belonged to Mrs. Greville and came to the royal family after her death in 1942.

Queen Mary’s Diamond Fringe Tiara

Worn by Princess Elizabeth II on her wedding day in 1947, Princess Anne also wore it for her first marriage in 1973. Princess Beatrice borrowed it for her wedding in 2020.

Lotus Flower Tiara

Kate debuted in this tiara at the Diplomatic Corps reception in 2013. It was made from a necklace given to the Queen Mother.

Queen Alexandra’s Kokoshnik Tiara

Presented to Queen Alexandra in 1888, this sparkling tiara is based on a traditional Russian headdress called a ‘kokoshnik’ and can be worn as a necklace.

Festoon Tiara

The Princess Royal got this diamond headpiece as a wedding present in 1973. Her former daughter-in-law, Autumn Kelly, also wore it on her wedding day in 2008.

Meander Tiara

Inherited from Prince Philip’s side of the family, this tiara belonged to Princess Alice of Battenberg and later passed down to Queen Elizabeth II. Princess Anne often wears it, and she loaned it to her daughter, Zara Phillips, for her wedding in 2011.

George VI Victorian Suite

Queen Camilla recently made her debut in the late Queen’s sapphire jewels for the first state visit of King Charles’s reign. It was commissioned in 1963 to match a sapphire necklace and earrings set given to Elizabeth on her wedding day in 1947.

Brazilian Aquamarine Parure

Gifted to the Queen from the people of Brazil for her coronation in 1953, she had Garrards make a matching tiara in 1957.

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