Are you planning a boho-inspired wedding? If so, you're in the right place. Bohemian weddings are all about embracing the free-spirited, unconventional, and natural elements, and that includes your hairstyle. In this article, we'll explore 15 exquisite boho wedding hairstyles that will make you look effortlessly stunning on your special day.

Boho Wedding Hairstyles: 40+ Inspiring Ideas for Bohemian BridesPin

Hence, if you find yourself contemplating the ideal Boho Wedding Hairstyles for your momentous day, rest assured that we have your needs comprehensively addressed. Our collection spans a multitude of categories, encompassing updos, half-ups, undulating tresses, intricate curls, various hair lengths, and a myriad of embellishments. Indulge in the following exposition to ignite inspiration within and explore our repository of Boho Wedding Hairstyles Ideas.

Boho Wedding Hairstyles for Every Hair Length

Behold an array of exquisite hairstyles suitable for a boho wedding, regardless of the specific traits of your hair. Whether your tresses are luxuriously long, modestly short, or of a medium length, the panoply of options knows no bounds.

Boho Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair

Boho Wedding Hairstyles for Long HairPin
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boho wedding hairstyles braided long hair down polishedstylejustinePin
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boho wedding hairstyles simple half up half down dieschoenmalerinPin
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boho wedding hairstyles blonde half up with braids ashpettyhairPin
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For those with abundant tresses, bohemian wedding hairstyles for long hair traverse a diverse spectrum, from cascading beach waves that epitomize effortlessness to the incorporation of resplendent hair ornaments, which instill an aura of drama. Elevate a traditional half-updo by infusing edgy braids into the anterior section. Alternatively, one may choose to embed vivid, oversized blooms within distinctive braids, imparting an unmistakable creative dimension to the coiffure. Loose curls, interwoven with floral vines, within the braids, present a tantalizingly artistic interpretation of the boho wedding hairstyle.

Furthermore, the beloved friend braid emerges as an awe-inspiring bohemian coiffure, where textured updos are accentuated with glistening pins. Those with a penchant for simplicity may opt for the elegance of relaxed beach waves, pinned on the sides, and adorned with a wave-enhancing spray to cultivate an intriguing textural aesthetic.

Boho Wedding Hair Ideas for Medium-Length Hair

boho wedding hairstyles casual messy low bun morganhaircoPin
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boho wedding hairstyles updo with braids lenabogucharskayaPin
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boho wedding hairstyles low bun with braided crown _vanessaospina_Pin
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In contemplation of hippie-inspired boho wedding hairstyles, medium-length hair invites its unique charm into the realm of possibilities. Within this domain, one may consider adopting a natural and somewhat edgy updo. Engage in a deliberate sweep of your hair into a low-slung ponytail, allowing voluminous tendrils to drape casually, yielding a delightfully disheveled visage. Conversely, a delicate verdant crown may grace the crown of your natural curls, cultivating an ambiance of laid-back sophistication.

An alternative approach entails fashioning a low bun, tastefully embellished with untamed flora and blossoms. This design, both effortless and visually pleasing, stands as a testament to the ease with which a chic aesthetic can be achieved. Should you crave an infusion of texture and a hint of audaciousness, consider the tightly wound fishtail braid, bedecked with wildflowers and verdant embellishments. Alternatively, explore the option of tucking your hair into a loosely secured bun or a braided chignon, accentuated by oversized barrettes.

Short Hair Bohemian Wedding Hairstyles

boho wedding hairstyles elegant swept bun with pearls tonyastylistPin
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boho wedding hairstyles elegant blonde updo with gentle wine bohobeautyboxPin
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boho wedding hairstyles bob with braided crown bridal_hairstylistPin
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Boho wedding hairstyles for short hair are a testament to versatility, encompassing updos, braids, bangs, and a vast array of accessories. For a securely styled updo that shall endure the entirety of the day, consider the approach of weaving your hair from the base upwards, culminating in the inclusion of floral accents for an audaciously edgy appearance. When confronted with shoulder-length hair, the simplicity of loose waves presents itself as an elegant choice.

Alternatively, one might opt for a straightforward style, achieved by twisting the front strands of hair on either side, securing them at the rear with clips. For a touch of theatricality and texture, the option of a low bun adorned with fringe elements imparts an air of wispy romanticism. Half-up styles, employing sizable braids and resplendent flowers, contribute to a nature-inspired bohemian aesthetic. The realm of possibilities extends to textured braids, loose updos, and enchanting braided compositions.

Boho Wedding Updos: Timeless Elegance for Brides

boho wedding hairstyles messy braided low bun babehairbybPin
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boho wedding hairstyles gentle braided low bun with loose curls mrs_updoPin
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Boho-inspired updo wedding hairstyles consistently exude a timeless elegance that withstands the tides of changing trends. Whether manifesting as chignons, braids, twists, or knots, the overall impression is one of refined texture, relaxation, and romance. A full and immaculate chignon highlights the grace of bare shoulders, providing an ideal complement to open-back lace dresses.

Alternatively, a polished updo with intertwining twists harmonizes with the allure of an open-back lace gown. If the intention is to frame the visage and attract attention, a wavy updo is a fitting choice, allowing for the artful exposure of romantic, curling strands. This look may be further enhanced with the inclusion of sparkling hair adornments, a beaded gown, and a signature red lipstick.

Conversely, for those aspiring to attain a regal semblance, an ultra-loose or low bun with strategically positioned tendrils accentuating the facial contours, when paired with a headband, achieves an unraveled, chic, yet regal visage.

Half-Up Half-Down Boho Wedding Hairstyles

boho wedding hairstyles half up with curls and flowers hannahblinkohairstylistPin
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boho wedding hairstyles half up elegant curls and white wine botiashairandmakeupPin
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boho wedding hairstyles curly half up on long hair with swept crown rebecca.murphy.beautyPin
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Half-up boho wedding hairstyles, replete with elements of the natural world, convey an air of romance and sophistication. A half-French twist, combined with cascading tresses, is emblematic of a more formal demeanor. The volumizing of hair at the crown of the head yields a subtle bump, while the addition of soft curls introduces an element of dimension.

Embracing a pouf and a side twist elevates the half-up, half-down curls to the status of showstoppers, embellished with flowers and clips. For the express purpose of infusing an imaginative touch, the sectioning of the half-updo allows for the creation of intricate braided motifs, which may be accentuated through the introduction of balayage highlights, rendering the overall appearance exquisite. Teasing the half-up into a cascade of romantic curls, while incorporating tender headbands adorned with ribbons and delicate blossoms, heightens the appeal of the curls. Conversely, opting for voluminous, loose waves with a shimmering array of accessories culminates in an engaging spectacle.

Embrace the Boho Vibe with Braided Wedding Hair

boho wedding hairstyles braided crown updo hair_by_zolotayaPin
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boho wedding hairstyles braided crown half up half down hairandmakeupbystephPin
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boho wedding hairstyles braided crown with ponytail kasia_fortunaPin
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boho wedding hairstyles half up half down braided crown hairandmakeupbystephPin
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boho wedding hairstyles braided half up ulyana.asterPin
boho wedding hairstyles volume long braid zhanna_syniavskaPin
boho wedding hairstyles textured braided half up on long hair sweethearts_hairPin
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Bohemian braided wedding hairstyles, characterized by their chic appeal, rank among the preferred choices for bohemian brides. Half-braided updos, which may take on twists, curls, or a fusion of styles, are central to the aesthetic. These styles are often accentuated by waves, fresh foliage, and floral elements. A more daring personality may choose to incorporate herbs, berries, feathers, or drape them among the locks.

Classic loose waves, entwined with a braided halo and embellished with greens and blossoms, radiate an understated elegance. Alternatively, a half-updo, marked by cascading curls affixed to two feathers, channels an ethereal charm. A disheveled or tousled bun acquires an enchanting character when bedecked with greenery, while a fishtail braid, adorned with succulents, emanates a distinct allure. Introducing braids to a ponytail imparts a textural complexity to the ensemble, be it updos, loose styles, or braided configurations.

Side-Swept Boho Hairstyles: Effortless Beauty

boho wedding hairstyles side swept mermaid braid untamedpetalsPin
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boho wedding hairstyles side swept ponytail elstilemskPin
boho wedding hairstyles side swept long taylor_lamb_hairPin
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Bohemian wedding hairstyles transcend their specific application and stand as perennial favorites among brides. Their adaptability extends to the realm of dyeing, rendering them versatile and breathtaking choices suited to a multitude of wedding styles. Side-swept bohemian hairstyles harmonize with headpieces, hair ornaments, and floral accoutrements. A profusion of elegant side-swept curls, accompanied by side-swept bangs, exudes minimalist grace, ideal for a refined wedding affair.

Wavy, side-swept variations, reminiscent of old Hollywood glamour, radiate an aura of timeless sophistication. Braids and ponytails, when imbued with the essence of side-swept allure, offer chic alternatives, spanning messy braids, fishtails, loose ponytails, and more. Brides may choose to keep their hair down or embrace a sleek, side-swept style, which may be further swept into a side chignon or highlighted through the introduction of ombre and balayage techniques, elevating the allure of the coiffure.

Boho Chic: Wavy Curls for Brides

boho wedding hairstyles curly half up with braid and pin lenabogucharskayaPin
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boho wedding hairstyles half up half down ombre with pins hannahblinkohairstylistPin
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boho wedding hairstyles braided hair down with loose cascading theupdodarlingPin
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boho wedding hairstyles messy braided hair down with curls and flowers kasia_fortunaPin
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boho wedding hairstyles half up half down on long hair with braids rebecca.murphy.beautyPin
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Curly boho hairstyles, often associated with dimension, personality, texture, and lusciousness, hold a unique place in the array of wedding coiffures. Their potential far exceeds preconceived limitations, and the belief that wedding hairstyle options are circumscribed is unfounded. The mermaid hairstyle, accentuated with oceanic-hued flower crowns, invites one to indulge in a regal affair.

For those inclined toward a tucked style, the option of weaving one's curls into a twist or chignon bears an air of traditional charm. The inclusion of soft braids within a romantic half-updo yields an effortlessly relaxed yet jubilant ambiance. Those who favor a vintage appeal may opt for a messy ponytail, adorned with gilded pins, forging an alternative and fresh appearance. Other possibilities include the siren waves, crowned with two feathers, or the pursuit of ultimate, uncontrived bohemian waves.

Bridal Beauty: Hairstyles with Veil Inspiration

boho wedding hairstyles hair down with veil christinechiamakeupPin
boho wedding hairstyles low bun with veil zhanna_syniavskaPin
boho wedding hairstyles updo with veillouiseballantinemakeupPin

The combination of bohemian wedding hairstyles and veils imparts a classic finishing touch to one's overall look. In the case of voluminous curls, allowing them to cascade freely and positioning the voluminous hair a few inches below the crown of the head, serves as a focal point. By securing the veil in this manner, the presentation is elevated, particularly when paired with a textured dress. Alternatively, individuals with blunt cuts or pixie hairdos may opt for a sweeping veil to evoke a sense of romance, or choose to add a voluminous veil to the rear of the head.

Opting for floral embellishments, such as a halo of ivory blossoms atop a bun, offers an additional avenue for personal expression. Completing this ensemble with a vibrant veil creates a striking visual contrast. For those who favor a sleek appearance, the classic amalgamation of a veil and a center-parted low chignon serves as a reliable and timeless choice. By tucking the veil just above the knot, the ultimate look is effortlessly achieved.

Boho Hair Accessories for Your Wedding Look

boho wedding hairstyles low bun with messy with side wb_upstylesPin
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boho wedding hairstyles volume braid with elegant hair wine _vanessaospina_Pin
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boho wedding hairstyles elegant updo with gold leaves julia_alesionokPin
boho wedding hairstyles high bun with flower pin cathrineheierenhansenPin

Are you in search of inspiration for bohemian wedding hairstyle accessories? This repository encompasses a comprehensive array of items, ranging from wedding combs and delicate headbands to hairpins and dreamy hair vines. The selection of bohemian hair accessories hinges upon the specific coiffure chosen. However, the overarching theme remains steadfast in its commitment to free-spirited, ethereal, deconstructed, and wild expressions of bohemian bridal elegance.

Commence with the unadorned yet enchanting circlet, ideally suited for those with short hair, including bobs, pixie cuts, cropped styles, and shoulder or nape-length hair. Those desiring a hippie-chic vibe may consider an intertwined hair vine, perfect for complementing cascading curls and updos. For brides who favor textured braids, vines may be woven into the mix for a captivating effect. Muted flower hairpins, star-shaped hairpins, and combs imbue the bridal coiffure with celestial allure. Additional options encompass bridal headbands, floral clips, and bedazzled hair ribbons.

Blossom with Boho Style: Hairstyles with Flowers for Brides

boho wedding hairstyles half up with flowers christinechiamakeupPin
boho wedding hairstyles fishtail braid with flowers babehairbybPin
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boho wedding hairstyles curly hair down with flowers botiashairandmakeupPin
boho wedding hairstyles updo with flowers cathrineheierenhansenPin
boho wedding hairstyles elegant low bun with loose curls and flower pins kasia_fortunaPin
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Bohemian wedding hairstyles enriched with floral elements span a range of compositions, from singular blossoms to intricate floral arrangements. The inclusion of ornate floral crowns, composed of natural components such as branches, blossoms, and lush greenery, imparts a sense of harmony with the natural world. For those who prefer a subtler yet captivating allure, the adornment of hair with flower vines, secured with clips, elevates even the simplest coiffure to a stunning masterpiece.

Indeed, this technique breathes new life into the most conventional styles, transforming them into unforgettable works of art. The boho bride may also contemplate a woodland tiara, crafted from branches, vines, moss, and other elements drawn from nature. Alternatively, sprigs of baby's breath, when placed at intervals within a bun, braid, or nape, contribute to a sense of timeless romance.

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Selecting the perfect bohemian wedding hairstyle can pose a formidable challenge, especially when aligning the choice with a specific theme. This article offers a comprehensive guide to the finest boho wedding hairstyles, replete with suggestions on how to enhance them through the judicious application of accessories. With an array of options at your disposal, you are certain to find a style that resonates with your personal taste. If you are poised to make a stunning impression, peruse this catalog and allow the wellspring of inspiration to guide your choices.

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Your boho wedding hairstyle is a statement of your individuality and the love story you're about to celebrate. These 15 boho wedding hairstyles offer a range of options, from natural and effortless to chic and elegant. Choose the one that resonates with your style, and you'll shine on your special day.


1. What accessories complement a flower crown hairstyle?

For a flower crown hairstyle, consider dainty earrings, a simple necklace, and a flowing, boho-style wedding dress to complete your look.

2. Can I incorporate braids into a messy updo?

Absolutely! Braids can add an extra dimension to a messy updo, giving it a whimsical and romantic touch.

3. How do I make my beachy mermaid waves last all day?

To make your beachy waves last, use a good hairspray and consider a professional stylist for extra hold and longevity.

4. What makeup pairs best with a boho bun hairstyle?

Boho bun hairstyles go beautifully with natural, earthy makeup. Opt for neutral tones, subtle blush, and a touch of shimmer on your eyelids.

5. What's the ideal season for a boho-inspired wedding?

Boho weddings often flourish in the spring and summer when nature is in full bloom. However, they can be magical year-round with the right venue and decor choices.

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