Elegant Winter Wedding Hairstyles: 30+ Stunning Looks for Brides

Elegant Winter Wedding Hairstyles: 30+ Stunning Looks for Brides

Alright, buckle up for the winter wonderland of weddings! Picture this: snowflakes falling, chilly breeze, and a dreamy vibe – perfect for tying the knot. Now, let’s dive into the frosty fabulousness of winter weddings, where the white dresses play hide and seek with the snow, and the whole scene screams romance.

But hold on, we can’t forget about the crown jewel – winter wedding hairstyles. It’s like the icing on the wedding cake, only cooler. Brides, listen up! Winter gives you the green light for some bold and dramatic hair game.

Sure, the winter mood can be a bit of a challenge for your locks, but fear not, we’ve got your back. Whether you’re vibing with an updo, feeling those braids, rocking a chignon, going for buns, or decking out with some heavy accessories – our stash of styles has got your name written all over it.

Flip through our catalog below, and pick a hairstyle that not only matches your personality but also gives a nod to the season’s vibes. It’s your day, and winter is your glam playground!

Long Hair Glam: Winter Wedding Hairstyles to Enhance Your Bridal Beauty

winter wedding hairstyles blond hair winter hairstyle alexandralee1016
Photo by:alexandralee1016
winter wedding hairstyles original ponytail on long hair nastya kopach
Photo by:kopach via Instagram
winter wedding hairstyles hair down waves with hair vine lidia_szadkowska
winter wedding hairstyles half up blond hair carter_hair_and_makeup
Photo by:carter_hair_and_makeup

Planning a winter wedding and in need of a chic hairstyle? Consider relaxed waves for long hair, radiating holiday vibes. Enhance it with a tiara for an elegant touch. For a playful look, try the topsy-tail, perfect for boho brides. Alternatively, sweep your curled locks to the side, adding a vintage pin for glamour. Opt for a romantic half-up curled style with baby’s breath or a braided halo adorned with mini roses for a princess-like charm. Choose a style that suits you and make your winter wedding memorable!

Chic Choices for Medium Hair: Winter Wedding Hairstyles Inspiration

winter wedding hairstyles high bun with white pin tatistylespb
Photo by:tatistylespb via Instagram
winter wedding hairstyles slightly messy low bun with sparkly headpiece samoylenko_makeup
winter wedding hairstyles curly blond hair alexandralee1016
Photo by:alexandralee1016
winter wedding hairstyles blong hair flowers alexandralee1016
Photo by:alexandralee1016

When it comes to winter wedding hairstyles for medium hair, the options are as diverse as they are stunning. From classic Hollywood waves to a contemporary chignon, you have the freedom to choose a style that complements your winter wedding vision.

For an effortlessly glamorous look, gather your medium-length locks into a messy knot at the nape of your neck. Soften the hair around your hairline into natural waves, creating an enchanting and relaxed vibe. This style pairs exceptionally well with a cap sleeve dress, allowing you to showcase your shoulders and achieve an ethereal appearance.

If you prefer a hairstyle that frames your face while maintaining simplicity, consider loose curls pinned to the side with a bejeweled clip. Alternatively, blow-dry and style your hair in a half-up fashion, offering a perfect balance between sophistication and ease. Elevate this look with the addition of beaded or pearl clips for a touch of refined charm.

Short and Sweet: Captivating Winter Wedding Hairstyles for Short Hair

winter wedding hairstyles hailstyle for short hair tonyastylist
Photo by:tonyastylist
winter wedding hairstyles classic curly hairstyle juliafratichelli.bridalstylist
Photo by:juliafratichelli.bridalstylist
winter wedding hairstyles curly short hair hairbyhannahtaylor
Photo by:hairbyhannahtaylor

Even brides with ultra-short hair can embrace captivating styles on their special day. One option is to incorporate a feminine floral comb adorned with delicate accents. Pair this charming accessory with earrings that complement it, allowing your dress to take center stage and shine through.

Alternatively, opt for a glossy glam look with a blunt bob and full bangs. This style introduces a new level of sleekness, creating a modern and chic aesthetic that beautifully enhances your dress.

For those seeking a balance between old-world charm and modern flair, consider brushed-out finger waves embellished with tiny blooms. This timeless yet contemporary hairstyle adds a touch of romance to your overall bridal look.

Brides with short and thick hair can embrace a spiral-out style featuring romantic curls shooting out. By keeping the sides extra short, you’ll achieve a voluminous and playful cascade of curls, adding a hint of sexiness to your bridal ensemble.

Bridal Elegance: Updos Perfect for a Winter Wedding

winter wedding hairstyles elegant updo with christmas decor svglamour
winter wedding hairstyles textured updo with crystals headpieces lidia_szadkowska
winter wedding hairstyles hailstyle for short hair tonyastylist
Photo by:tonyastylist
winter wedding hairstyles elegant low bun with crystals nadigerber
Photo by:nadigerber via Instagram

Winter wedding? Got a high-necked dress? Let’s talk updos that slay.

Think soft messy buns with braids – instant knockout. Pulls your hair back, elongates that neck. Cinderella vibes? Add a crystal or pearl hair comb for a fairytale touch.

Now, if classic is your vibe, go for a textured updo. Tucked in, minimal accessories – pure chic. Toss in a few tendrils around the face for that laid-back glam.

Dreamy or classic, these winter updos are your secret sauce. Turn heads, own the moment – let your hair steal the show!

Half-Up Heaven: Winter Wedding Hairstyles That Strike a Balance

winter wedding hairstyles half up half down on long hair lidia_szadkowska
winter wedding hairstyles half up blond curly slmakeupandhair
Photo by:slmakeupandhair
winter wedding hairstyles half up with snowflake pearly pin penteadoslucena

Winter wedding vibes are all about the cozy half-up hairstyles, adding that extra charm to a bride’s overall look. Imagine this: hair swept to the side, keeping it off your face, giving off those winter enchantment vibes. Now, throw in a flower crown – boom! You’ve got that relaxed boho chic.

Want to go the natural route? Combine waves, curls, and loose braids for a romantic touch. But, if drama is your thing, go all out with an elaborate half-up featuring braids, curls, and twists. Don’t forget to soften the drama with some loose tendrils around the face for that flirty, playful look.

Oh, and here’s a pro-tip: top it off with a crown adorned with flowers and berries, ringing in the seasons like a winter queen. It’s not just a hairstyle; it’s a statement. Winter weddings just got a whole lot more magical!

Effortless Beauty: Easy Winter Wedding Hairstyles to Wow the Crowd

winter wedding hairstyles simple low updo with rhinestones cathrineheierenhansen
winter wedding hairstyles hair down with white crown nicoledrege
Photo by:nicoledrege via Instagram
winter wedding hairstyles long ponytail with crystal bow headpiece olga_nikiforova_hair
winter wedding hairstyles easy hairstyle tonyastylist
Photo by:tonyastylist

Winter weddings are a playground for hairstyles, drawing inspiration from both the timeless old world and the chic contemporary scene. Blend them for the perfect look! Take, for example, the modern faux bob – a blend of timeless elegance and a dash of modern flair. Pin it back with some stylish pins, and voila! It stays flawless all day.

Now, let’s talk about a wedding classic: the braided crown. Ideal for outdoor settings, weave in some greenery for that fairytale magic. If simplicity is your game, opt for a volume-packed ponytail – easy, breezy, beautiful. Tease it with a comb, leave a few strands to frame that lovely face, and you’re golden.

And for the queens with thick, flowing locks, consider the Grecian goddess braid. Perfect for an outdoor extravaganza, it’s a look that screams elegance. Winter weddings just got a dose of classic meets contemporary – it’s all about making a statement!

Veiled Perfection: Winter Wedding Hairstyles With a Touch of Romance


When it comes to winter wedding hairstyles with a veil, think big! Voluminous curls are a game-changer – cinch that veil below the crown and pair it with a textured dress for the ultimate regal vibe. If your mane boasts a blunt cut, go for a sweeping veil and toss in some flowers for that extra touch.

Now, picture this: a fishtail braid with fringe. It’s not just a hairstyle; it’s a statement. Fix your veil on your crown, give it a French girl twist, and you’ve got a look that turns heads.

Bun lover? Amp it up with a halo of ivory flowers and a vibrant veil. It’s the sweet spot between traditional and contemporary – the best of both worlds.

Feeling a bit more casual? Pump up the volume in a ponytail, let those romantic strands play peek-a-boo with your veil. Or go for the classic center-part low chignon, veil tucked above the knot. Pair it with a strapless dress or exaggerated sleeves for a simple or dramatic flair.

Winter weddings just got a serious upgrade – it’s all about making an entrance!

Frosty Finishing Touch: Must-Have Hair Accessories for Winter Weddings

winter wedding hairstyles curly hair with christmas accessories cathrineheierenhansen
winter wedding hairstyles elegant low bun with headband updosbykarina
Photo by:updosbykarina via Instagram
winter wedding hairstyles side braid with crystal halo natalymirandahair
winter wedding hairstyles decor for hair with stones hairbyhannahtaylor
Photo by:hairbyhannahtaylor

Winter wedding hairstyles get an upgrade with accessories like the regal pearl headband. Picture this: crushed velvet and jewel-toned silk – a match made in style heaven. It’s quintessential, it’s classy.

Now, let’s talk about stealing the spotlight – the high bun adorned with a nest of crystals. Trust me, guests won’t be able to look away. It’s elegance with a touch of wow!

For the more adventurous, consider side braids with a feature piece – think white rhinestones for that winter magic. Feeling like Rapunzel? Loose curls with vines and accents are your go-to for a timeless vibe.

And here’s a tip for the free spirits – the flower crown. Coordinate it with your bouquet, dress, and venue for a look that’s effortlessly cohesive. Winter weddings just got a dose of accessory magic – it’s all about the details!

Bridesmaid Beauty: Hairstyles to Complement the Winter Wedding Vibe

winter wedding hairstyles glam high bun with gold flower pins mateusgibertone
winter wedding hairstyles textured low bun with red flower pins lidia_szadkowska
winter wedding hairstyles half up for bridesmaid nicoledrege
Photo by:nicoledrege

Your bridesmaids are your squad, your reflection, and we’re not holding back on making them look absolutely captivating. Check out these winter wedding bridesmaid hairstyles that are sure to steal the show.

First up, the princess-worthy elaborate updo – a fusion of buns, braids, and a cute bow to top it off. It’s the kind of hairstyle that screams royalty.

Or how about a jumbo bun, sitting right above the nape? Pair it with some floral dangling earrings for that extra touch of elegance. Sleek more your style? Go for a deep center part braided low bun, add a crystal sparkling headband, and voila! Perfection.

And we can’t forget the classics – the halo braid, the floral bun and crown, or just letting those ringlets and curls roam free. Options galore, each one a stunning choice for your winter wedding squad.

Because let’s be real, your bridesmaids deserve to shine as bright as you do on your big day!

Glamorous Guest Looks: Winter Wedding Hairstyles for Attendees

winter wedding hairstyles low bun with black headpiece lidia_szadkowska
winter wedding hairstyles smooth low bun with crystals lidia szadkowska
Photo by:szadkowska via Instagram
winter wedding hairstyles light wave blond hair hairandmakeupbysteph
Photo by:hairandmakeupbysteph
winter wedding hairstyles curly dark hair juliafratichelli.bridalstylist
Photo by:juliafratichelli.bridalstylist

We’ve fallen head over heels for some of the most stunning winter wedding guest hairstyles. Picture this: the timeless elegance of the French twist or the bold statement of full frontal bangs. Guests can also rock a half-up, half-down style with plaits woven in lace for that touch of sophistication.

For those craving a beachy vibe, a simple blow-dry, a sprinkle of waves, and let them fall – effortless chic at its best. But if you’re aiming for a classic look, low-loose multiple buns or a soft rolled updo can work wonders.

Feeling like a Hollywood star? Flatten those roots, tip them into waterfall curls, and unleash the glamour. Yet, for a perfect balance between summer vibes and casual elegance, the relaxed chignon is the way to go.

Because let’s face it, winter wedding guest hairstyles are all about making a statement without stealing the spotlight!


Selecting the perfect winter wedding hairstyle involves considering a myriad of factors – your dress, accessories, the season, and those headpieces that wield serious influence. Fear not! We’ve curated some of the finest winter wonderland wedding hairstyles just for you.

But we don’t stop there – we spill the beans on how to accessorize and pair these styles with your dress. Ready to check that hair box off your wedding planning checklist? Dive into this post for all the guides and tips you need to choose the ultimate winter wedding hairstyle. Because let’s be real, your hair deserves to be as spectacular as the winter wonderland setting!

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Save these stunning winter wedding hairstyles to your Pinterest board for instant bridal beauty inspiration! 📌💍

Elegant Winter Wedding Hairstyles: 30+ Stunning Looks for Brides

30+ Winter Wedding Hairstyles ( FAQ )

Q1: Are winter wedding hairstyles limited to updos?

A1: Not at all! Winter wedding hairstyles encompass a wide range, including down styles, half-up looks, and chic braids.

Q2: Can I wear a veil with any hairstyle?

A2: Absolutely! Veils can complement various hairstyles, from intricate updos to loose waves or even short pixie cuts.

Q3: What accessories work best for a winter wedding?

A3: Sparkling hairpins, tiaras, and decorative combs add a frosty finishing touch, enhancing the winter wedding vibe.

Q4: Are there specific hairstyles recommended for bridesmaids?

A4: Bridesmaid hairstyles should harmonize with the overall theme, whether it’s elegant updos, loose waves, or chic braids.

Q5: How can I create an effortless winter wedding hairstyle?

A5: Embrace tousled waves, simple braids, or loose updos for an effortless yet stunning winter wedding look.

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