24 Unique Fall Nail Ideas: Elevate Your Autumn Manicure Game

24 Unique Fall Nail Ideas: Elevate Your Autumn Manicure Game

Autumn has arrived, and although the calendar may not yet reflect the season, the unmistakable coolness in the early morning and late-night air clearly signals the approaching fall.

With the change in season comes the necessity to refresh our clothing choices, switch up our footwear, and for those who enjoy nail art, select a manicure or two to showcase in the upcoming months. To assist with the latter, we’ve searched Instagram for some exceptionally fashionable autumn nail inspirations. Below, discover twenty-four nail designs you’ll be eager to flaunt throughout autumn, and perhaps even beyond.

Black and Brown Combo


The combination of black and chocolate brown in autumn is undeniably luxurious and captivating. We admire the way these colors come together in this diagonal French manicure, creating a bold and memorable look. The addition of the Rellery Checker Rings, priced at $145 each, further enhances the overall appeal.

Autumn Equinox Nails


The profound and enchanting aura of this nail design immediately seized our gaze, evoking thoughts of the autumn equinox. Achieving the velvety center may require the skills of a professional nail technician. However, for those eager to attempt a DIY approach, the Cirque Colors Heavenly Bodies Magnetic Nail Polish Set, priced at $97 and employed by the artist in this instance, can be your tool of choice. (Just so you know, you can replicate a similar appearance using various colors with the Lights Lacquer Book of Hexes Bundle, which is available for $47).

Marble French Tips


We can’t help but be entranced by this opulent marbled nail design. Featuring a blend of burgundy and brown with hints of gray, white, and gold, it exudes sheer luxury. To replicate this appearance, contemplate selecting a deep burgundy base, like Olive & June’s recently introduced autumn Nail Polish shade, Luxe Loafer, available for $9. Utilize a water marbling method or exhibit precision with your hand to craft the marbled overlay.

Shades of Brown


This negative space French manicure evokes a warm and comforting coffee ambiance. If your goal is to replicate this manicure on your own, the Lights Lacquer YNBB Volume 2 Bundle, priced at $58, can be a valuable tool to achieve the desired appearance. Begin by applying French tips, and then employ a fine-lining brush dipped in acetone to craft the negative space elements.

Fall Mix-and-Match


During autumn, we embrace a palette filled with deep, natural hues and an abundance of neutrals. If you find it challenging to settle on just one shade, or if you prefer not to limit yourself, consider adopting a mix-and-match strategy to display your preferred colors of the season. In this example, you can observe how burgundy, olive green, and a soft peachy nude harmonize beautifully, complemented by a striking black-and-white polka dot accent nail, resulting in a manicure that’s perfect for fall.

Cinnamon French Tips


We are captivated by the opulent cinnamon feel of this French manicure, which draws inspiration from the art deco style. If you adore this color, you can achieve a comparable appearance by utilizing Londontown Lakur Enhanced Colour in the Woodstock shade, available for $16.

Pumpkin Spice Metallics


You don’t have to feel obligated to adopt overly intricate and time-consuming nail designs. A lovely fall manicure can be easily achieved by combining your preferred nude and metallic brown nail polishes, finished with a touch of golden flecks. In the creation of this manicure, nail artist Brittney Ellen employed the Mooncat Midnight Rodeo Set, which is priced at $130. If you require assistance in perfecting your French tips, you can simply utilize the Orly Half Moon Guides, available for $6.

Autumn Balance


Autumn is closely associated with the return to school and re-establishing routines in our lives. Achieving a sense of equilibrium is vital for this transition. This is why we are drawn to this yin-yang-inspired nail design featuring autumnal tones. While the specific colors used in this example were not revealed, you can replicate a comparable appearance by using Gelcare UV Gel Nail Polish in the shades Sage and Terracotta, each priced at $20. Working with gel polishes will enable you to meticulously craft each side of the yin-yang pattern without the concern of smudging while working on the other half.

Autumn Sparkle


Desiring a touch of autumn glamour? This nail design, influenced by retro aesthetics, showcases a shimmery chocolate nail polish paired with a creamier caramel shade and crisp white accents. The outcome is an engaging and playful manicure that captures our admiration.

Autumn Green


Keep in mind that opting for moody green tones during the fall season is always a reliable choice. While duplicating the terracotta accent nail seen in the manicure shown above might pose a challenge, you can achieve a similar overall color effect using a nail polish such as Orly Nail Lacquer in Wild Willow, available for $11.

Autumn Ember Accents


These impeccably shaped square nude nails appear ideal for the autumn season, courtesy of their neutral foundation adorned with gemstones inspired by fall. To replicate this style, begin with a gel base like Aprés Gel Couleur in the Gossamer Light shade, priced at $15. After curing the gel and applying a glossy top coat, use nail adhesive to attach clear, burnt orange, and mustard yellow gemstones to your nails. The Mioblet Mixed Size Crystal Orange Yellow Gems, available for $6, would be suitable for this purpose. Be sure to exert gentle pressure on each gem to ensure its secure attachment. It’s a straightforward process.

Blue Velvet Tips


These mixed-finish velvet French tips are undeniably gorgeous, and the deep blue shade is a perfect match for the fall season. To achieve a comparable appearance, start with the ILNP Zero Degrees Midnight Blue Magnetic Nail Polish, priced at $13, as the base. Then, apply Olive & June Long Lasting Polish in OMG, available for $9, to the tips. To finish, create a gold shimmer dividing line using Color Dept. Nail Color in New Year’s Toast, which can be obtained for $10, and seal the look with a high-gloss top coat.

Autumn Abstracts


To replicate the captivating disorderliness reminiscent of falling leaves, consider choosing an abstract nail design similar to the one depicted above. Comprising hues of mustard yellow, vivid orange, nude, and rich chocolate brown, it makes for a suitable manicure choice for the autumn season.

Tortoiseshell Accents


Tortoiseshell is a timeless pattern that remains stylish throughout the year, with a particular allure during the fall season. To create your own tortoiseshell-inspired nail design, commence with a caramel-colored base, like the Lights Lacquer Nail Polish in A Temporary Madness, available for $11. Employ a sponge to gently apply accents of brown, black, and burgundy, aiming for a blurred effect rather than precision. Conclude the look with a top coat, or if you’re feeling adventurous, add a touch of shimmery gold nail polish to bestow a luxurious finish.

Moody Half Moons


If you’re aiming for an uncomplicated autumn nail style, consider veering away from a solid color on all your nails and embrace negative-space half-moons to infuse an element of fascination into your manicure.

Autumn Matte Mash-Up


If you’re in search of a straightforward yet striking autumn nail design, commence with a nude foundation and layer it with a fall-themed color scheme in extremely thin, irregular lines. To achieve this effect, you’ll require a fine-detailing nail art brush, such as the ones included in the Lights Lacquer Detail Brush Kit, which is available for $17.

Autumn Ombré


Isn’t this autumn ombré nail design a delightful choice? To replicate this vibrant fall manicure, start with a sheer neutral base, and gather five to ten autumnal shades, depending on the depth of the gradient you desire. Once you’ve applied the base, utilize sponges to gently dab one or two colors onto each nail. To refine the edges, employ a cleanup brush, such as the Olive & June Clean Up Brush priced at $8, and conclude the process with a top coat.

Sage Swatches


A fall-inspired nail design doesn’t necessarily need a glossy finish to be eye-catching. Take, for instance, this matte sage nail look. It’s also simple to create yourself: Begin with a nude base, and then apply a couple of muted green polishes to each nail. Combine these green shades with a touch of gold foil and white polka dots for an abstract twist. Complete the look with a matte top coat, and there you have it.

Evergreen Moment


In search of a striking negative space nail design with a deep, captivating allure? This ensemble featuring an evergreen hue will surely captivate you. The squiggle-edged pattern is intentionally free-form, yet it gains added charm from the ultra-fine metallic gold lines.

Charcoal Accents


While gray nails may appear unexciting, this manicure illustrates that they can be anything but. To achieve this style, consider using the recently introduced Olive & June autumn Nail Polish shade, Favorite Beanie, priced at $9. Enhance it with delicate white lines, and seal the design with a glossy top coat.

Geometric Oxblood


Here’s further confirmation that burgundy nail polish is one of the finest choices for autumn nail styles. Although the precise oxblood shade used in this example is unspecified, you can replicate a similar appearance with the Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Nail Color in Cinna-Snap, available for $7.

Autumn Groove


If you have an affinity for vibrant colors, you’ll be enamored with this nail design that draws inspiration from retro aesthetics. Displaying a spectrum of muted hues, this manicure serves as an ideal multicolored choice for the fall season.

Mushroom Mood


If you’re inclined towards a nature-inspired theme, take a look at this nail design inspired by mushrooms. It evokes a blend of sensations reminiscent of crocodile, snake, and lava lamp aesthetics all at once.

Libra Season


September and October mark the Libra season. If you’re a Libra who takes an interest in astrology, you need not search any further than this glittering nail art for inspiration. (Another option to incorporate your zodiac sign into your autumn nail style? Consider the OPI Big Zodiac Energy Zodiac Nail Polish Collection, priced at $14 per polish.)


24 Fall Nail Ideas: Autumn-Inspired Nail Art for a Stylish Season!
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