The Prince and Princess of Wales’s day out in the countryside – best photos

The Prince and Princess of Wales’s day out in the countryside – best photos

On Thursday, the Prince and Princess of Wales made a notable trip to Hereford, where they commenced their busy schedule with a significant visit to Madley Primary School’s Forest School. This school places a strong emphasis on outdoor learning as an integral part of its daily curriculum, aiming to enhance the physical and mental wellbeing of children.

The Forest School, established by headmaster Lee Batstone and Duchy Head Forester Geraint Richards, educates children in a wooded setting every week. Their curriculum encompasses not only national curriculum subjects but also addresses themes related to environmental consciousness, conservation, and woodland administration.

Additionally, within their curriculum, students are instructed in the art of crafting items from natural materials and the safe and proper use of knives and equipment. Furthermore, older students have acquired the skills to ignite and sustain fires for cooking purposes at the location.

For the past 12 years, the Duchy of Cornwall and Madley Primary School have collaborated as partners in the Forest School program. This partnership has thrived since the Duchy allocated a dedicated woodland site to Madley Primary School specifically for the Forest School’s use.

Since its establishment, the Duchy has consistently expanded the woodland area in accordance with the school’s growth.

For their special outing, Princess Kate, aged 41, opted for a casual yet stylish grey tweed blazer paired with figure-flattering black jeans and sturdy brown lace-up boots. She wore her voluminous brunette hair down, cascading over her shoulders, and adorned herself with a simple silver pendant.

Prince William, also aged 41, looked smart in a grey jacket, a pale blue shirt, and navy chinos.

During their visit, the Prince and Princess of Wales participated in food preparation around a warm campfire. They interacted cheerfully with a group of children and then knelt down to carve wood and assist in constructing an impressive tree shelter.

Subsequently, they joined students under a shelter, where the children were engaged in creating healthy alternatives to toasted marshmallows: skewers with apple, cinnamon, and sugar.

This cause holds special significance for Princess Kate. HELLO! has learned that the Princess of Wales considers the early years and The Royal Foundation Centre for Early Childhood as her “life’s work.”

In January 2023, she launched the Shaping Us campaign, which is dedicated to enhancing society’s awareness of the critical role of early childhood in shaping both adulthood and society as a whole. The campaign’s primary focus is to emphasize the importance of supporting young children and those who care for them.

Later in the day, Prince William and Princess Kate paid a visit to Kings Pitt Farm, where they had the opportunity to meet with Sam and Emily Stables, who are farming tenants under the Duchy of Cornwall.

Sam and Emily established “We Are Farming Minds” with the aim of eradicating the stigma associated with mental health challenges within the farming sector. The organization dedicates significant efforts to enhance the mental well-being of farmers residing in rural areas in Hereford.

The organization provides farmers with comprehensive support at no cost, encompassing various services such as counseling, a 24/7 phone and text support helpline, complimentary mental health awareness workshops, and social gatherings held throughout the year.

The Duchy of Cornwall has partnered with “We Are Farming Minds” to endorse its recently launched Mental Health Strategy. This strategy is designed to provide continuous mental health assistance to all its tenants, with a particular focus on farmers residing in remote and isolated areas.

Prince William became the holder of the Duchy of Cornwall following the passing of his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II. This historic estate, established in 1337 by Edward III to provide for his son Prince Edward, commonly referred to as the Black Prince, and all his successors, stands as one of the United Kingdom’s most extensive and long-standing landed estates.

Meanwhile, Princess Kate has consistently advocated for the importance of emphasizing mental well-being, especially among children and young individuals.

Throughout the years, she has devoted her efforts to endorse various mental health initiatives, including the launch of projects like Heads Together, Shout 85258, and the Mentally Healthy Schools program.

In addition to this, she serves as a patron for several charitable organizations that have a primary focus on promoting and offering mental health support to those who require it.

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