Zara Tindall is a royal cool-girl in crop top and cowboy boots in unearthed photo

 During that time, Zara Tindall, the daughter of the Princess Royal, had a fashion style that differed significantly from her current sophisticated wardrobe. In the noughties, she embraced the trends of the era, sporting crop tops and experimenting with denim, just like any other young adult. This was before she established her remarkable collection of attention-grabbing headpieces and glamorous attire, which now define her impeccable racing fashion. It was during these early stages of her relationship with her now-husband, Mike Tindall, that this more casual and youthful side of Zara’s fashion choices was prominent.

During the celebrity screening of the film “Meet The Fockers” held at the Covent Garden Hotel, Zara Tindall and her partner attended the event as a couple. They both coordinated their outfits, opting for black and denim ensembles. Zara exuded the fashionable allure of the era, showcasing her midriff by wearing an asymmetrical black crop top with three-quarter sleeves, a V-neckline, and open shoulder detailing.

At the time, Zara, who was a skilled equestrian and approximately 24 years old, chose to wear a denim midi skirt with a flared silhouette. She completed her ensemble with black-heeled cowboy boots and carried a quilted micro shoulder bag.

Zara styled her blonde hair in a sleek, straight manner, and she accentuated her youthful complexion by applying a rosy blush and generous coats of mascara.

To enhance her assortment of Y2K chokers, Zara complemented her outfit with a delicate string pearl necklace and small hoop earrings.

Meanwhile, Zara’s partner, Mike, mirrored her style by wearing a stylish black shirt and wide-leg denim jeans.

Zara’s fashion choices in 2005 showcased her distinctive sense of style. One standout look was her selection of a shirt dress adorned with a psychedelic print, paired with knee-high boots for the wedding of King Charles and Queen Camilla. To further enhance her 60s-inspired ensemble, the royal added a black fedora and dangling pendant earrings. This memorable outfit exemplified Zara’s unique fashion taste during that year.

During the same year, Zara showcased her retro-inspired fashion sense at the Cheltenham Festival. She sported a vintage shearling coat, paired with a black mini skirt and pinstripe tights.

Since her pre-wedding days, Zara’s style has undergone a significant transformation. She has emerged as a fashion-forward royal, consistently impressing with her impeccable sense of style and earning recognition as one of the best-dressed royal ladies.

Ironically, the quirky outfits and eclectic fashion trends that Zara embraced in the noughties are currently experiencing a revival. Retro prints, full-length denim, and low-rise waistlines have become prominent on the high street. It’s interesting to note that Zara has always been a trendsetter and an “It-girl” within the royal circle.

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