Why Princess Charlotte may not follow in mum Princess Kate’s footsteps with her school choice

Why Princess Charlotte may not follow in mum Princess Kate’s footsteps with her school choice

In the latest installment of HELLO!’s A Right Royal Podcast, the focus was on royal education. During the discussion with Melanie Sanderson, Managing Editor of The Good Schools Guide, an interesting point emerged: Princess Charlotte may not necessarily choose the same educational path as her mother, Princess Kate.

Melanie speculated about this possibility, pointing out that Marlborough College, which Princess Kate attended, is a coeducational institution throughout. She questioned the rationale behind sending Charlotte to Marlborough if they did not also enroll the boys.

It’s worth noting that the Princess of Wales, Princess Kate, spent her school years from 1996 to 2000 at Marlborough College, where she pursued her A-levels and excelled in the school’s hockey team. The expansive 280-acre campus surely left a lasting impression on her.

Nevertheless, the educational journey for Princess Charlotte appears to be less straightforward. She is presently a student at Lambrook School in Bracknell, where she attends alongside her royal brothers, Prince George and Prince Louis. This situation may require additional contemplation.

Certainly, if the second child of the Prince and Princess of Wales were to enroll in a coeducational public school, it would bring up the issue of whether she would have to be separated from her two brothers. Naturally, for George and Louis, this would entail deviating from the longstanding tradition of attending Eton College, an institution that has been chosen by 15 members of the British royal family in the past.

On HELLO!’s It’s A Right Royal Podcast, Melanie acknowledged, “Marlborough is an excellent school, but Eton stands head and shoulders above it by a considerable margin.”

She further pointed out, “Considering George’s future as the potential king, it’s possible they desire nothing but the absolute best for him.”

Eton College also has the advantage of its proximity to Windsor Castle, a feature clearly lacking in Marlborough College, situated in Wiltshire. Melanie elaborated on why the Prince and Princess of Wales might have reservations about sending Charlotte to Marlborough, especially given Eton’s recent transition towards a more progressive approach.

“Previously, Eton had a strict policy of keeping boys on campus at all times, but now it’s quite common for mothers to visit and have a coffee or tea with their sons on the high street. Boys are also permitted to go home on Saturday or Sunday evenings.”

In contrast, Melanie pointed out that Marlborough presents a different scenario: “Wiltshire is a significant distance away. I understand they may have a royal fleet, but it’s not as simple as popping home for a casual visit. She would find herself in a more traditional full-time boarding environment.”

Melanie concluded, saying, “My instinct suggests that they might prefer to have her closer to home.”

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