Why Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis go to school on Saturdays

Why Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis go to school on Saturdays

In 2022, the Prince and Princess of Wales caused a delightful shock among royal enthusiasts by revealing that their three kids would be enrolled at Lambrook School, which is conveniently located near their recently acquired residence in Windsor.

The private independent preparatory school provides a wide range of impressive amenities. However, it surprised many royal enthusiasts to learn that the children are expected to attend school on Saturdays.

In a conversation with HELLO!’s A Right Royal Podcast, Melanie Sanderson, the Managing Editor of The Good Schools Guide, shared insights about Lambrook and explained the reason behind Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis attending school on weekends.

Regarding the six-day school week, Melanie commented, “It’s quite demanding, especially for the younger ones aged six and seven; it’s a rather lengthy week for them.”

Nevertheless, when the school in question is Lambrook, even one day away from this Berkshire institution might seem too long. Lambrook, often hailed as the ideal choice for the royal children, boasts an impressive 52-acre campus in Berkshire. The school goes beyond conventional education, offering facilities such as a golf course, a swimming pool, a theater, a sports center, and various art studios. These amenities make it a perfect fit for the young trio – Charlotte, George, and Louis.

Melanie elaborated, “We are aware that the royal family has a strong affinity for the outdoors, particularly the countryside, and Lambrook is a school where they can fully embrace this. It’s a school where they can get their hands dirty, so to speak, with extensive grounds and fields to explore during their breaks. They have the freedom to roam.”

While the prospect of everyday exploration might seem like a schoolchild’s dream, it’s not the sole reason the Prince and Princess of Wales can feel content with their choice of Lambrook. Here, Princess Kate and Prince William can take comfort in the fact that their children are instilled with a sense of the importance of public service.

During the podcast, Melanie provided more details, saying, “[Lambrook] actively engages in extensive community fundraising efforts. They place a significant emphasis on ensuring that their students grasp the extent of their privilege.”

“Everything we’ve learned about Prince William and Princess Catherine suggests that this is also a deeply cherished value for them.”

Continuing to commend their decision, Melanie expressed to HELLO!, “Their hands-on approach is quite evident when you see them on television. They must have been very enthusiastic about selecting a school for their three children that closely aligns with their own family principles. I believe Lambrook is a perfect match in that regard.”

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