Why King Charles and Prince William have not acknowledged Prince Harry’s birthday publicly

Why King Charles and Prince William have not acknowledged Prince Harry’s birthday publicly

On his 39th birthday last Friday, Prince Harry received numerous messages from friends and fans worldwide. However, it was observed by many that members of his royal family did not publicly acknowledge his birthday. The official social media accounts of the royal family typically extend birthday wishes to working members, like the Prince and Princess of Wales, and most recently, Princess Anne, who celebrated her 73rd birthday in August.

Nevertheless, they have recently affirmed that they no longer extend public birthday greetings to individuals who hold non-senior working roles within the royal family.

In spite of the absence of public recognition from King Charles, his father, and Prince William, his brother, Prince Harry is experiencing a memorable day, even though he is far away from his two children, Prince Archie and Princess Lilibet.

The Duke, along with his spouse Meghan Markle, is present at the seventh day of the Invictus Games in Dusseldorf. They received presents and cards upon their early arrival to witness a volleyball match between Poland and Germany.

As they took their seats in the stands among fellow spectators, Harry was greeted with a spirited rendition of ‘Happy Birthday,’ bringing a continuous smile to Meghan’s face.

The Prince is anticipated to carry on with his birthday celebrations throughout the day and will partake in a private birthday luncheon with Meghan. Undoubtedly, he will also make use of FaceTime to connect with his children, who have stayed in Montecito.

The couple has journeyed without their children, but Meghan clarified earlier in the week, upon her arrival in Germany, that she remained at home for a few days to assist in getting their kids settled before her own departure.

Addressing a special dinner gathering of family and friends, Meghan conveyed, “Being here is truly meaningful, and I apologize for my slight delay in joining the event. Much like many of you, this occasion revolves around family, friends, and the strong sense of community fostered by Invictus and Fisher House. That’s why I took some extra time at home to ensure our little ones were comfortable, attended to their needs, participated in school drop-offs, and only arrived here a few hours ago.”

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