Why does Princess Kate keep wearing suits? Real reason behind her new corporate look

Why does Princess Kate keep wearing suits? Real reason behind her new corporate look

The Princess of Wales has maintained a flawless appearance since resuming her royal duties after her summer break. However, with the start of a new phase in her senior royal role, one year after the passing of Queen Elizabeth II, observers of the royal family have taken notice of the change in style exhibited by Prince William’s wife. In the month of September alone, Princess Kate was seen wearing seven well-tailored suits.

While Princess Kate’s inclination towards power dressing is not a new development, her consistently refined and undeniably corporate fashion choices represent a significant departure from her more varied clothing selections during the summer – exemplified by her tennis-ball green Self-Portrait midi dress.

We reached out to royal fashion authority Miranda Holder to shed light on the true cause behind the Princess of Wales’ repetition of office-appropriate attire.

According to Miranda, “Princess Kate’s appearance has unquestionably adopted a more professional demeanor following her elevation to the position of Princess of Wales. Her increasingly serious wardrobe is a reflection of the significant responsibilities that come with her prominent role within the Royal Family.”

Miranda also mentioned that Princess Kate’s transformation from a fashionable neighbor to a fashion expert is a deliberate part of her evolving role. Miranda stated, “Her image has undergone a complete rebranding to align with her increased authority as the Princess of Wales and her future role as our Queen.”

In line with this perspective, the Palace announced that they would cease mentioning the designers of the princess’s clothing, except for special occasions, in an effort to redirect public attention towards Kate’s work. Nevertheless, Princess Kate’s impact on fashion remains highly influential.

Miranda notes that Kate has consistently adhered to a specific fashion approach when it comes to her tailored clothing choices. She tends to opt for neutral colors, which convey a more serious and less frivolous tone compared to the prints and vibrant hues she used to wear in the past.

Miranda also speculates that the decision by the Palace to withhold details about the princess’s outfits is likely an effort to shift the public’s focus away from Kate’s fashion choices and towards the causes she supports.

While it appears unlikely that fans of royal fashion will see a repetition of Princess Kate’s striking Wimbledon dress anytime soon, this doesn’t mean that her tailored trouser suits lack appeal. One standout moment in the princess’s fashion history occurred when she confidently sported a scarlet Alexander McQueen trouser suit at the launch of the Shaping Us Campaign.

Miranda commented, “The color suited her perfectly.” She went on to praise the impeccable tailoring of the ensemble, noting the asymmetrical jacket with its sharp shoulders, the flared trousers, and the way the fabric draped, all contributing to a sense of fluidity and a touch of drama in the outfit, which she found exquisite.

How to nail power dressing like the Princess of Wales

Miranda, a seasoned celebrity stylist in addition to her fashion expertise, offered a straightforward guide to replicating the Princess of Wales’ power dressing style with the perfect trouser suit, consisting of three key steps.

  1. Color Matters: Miranda emphasized the significance of color selection, stating, “A suit isn’t just any suit! The choice of color can make or break it, so make sure the shade complements your complexion. If you’re feeling bold, opt for a vibrant, striking hue, and coordinate accessories in the same tones to achieve a contemporary and eye-catching monochromatic look.”
  2. Opt for Trainers, Not High Heels: Contrary to conventional norms, Miranda encouraged the idea of pairing trainers with your trouser suit. She noted, “Don’t hesitate to combine trainers with your ensemble when needed – the fashion rules have evolved. To keep your appearance current, incorporate an oversized clutch and a pair of statement stud earrings.”
  3. Pay Attention to Length: Miranda concluded, “Lastly, give careful consideration to where the jacket falls on your leg – make sure it accentuates your slimmest point to achieve the most flattering silhouette.”
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