WATCH: King Charles stuns cyclists as they bump into monarch walking alone in Balmoral

WATCH: King Charles stuns cyclists as they bump into monarch walking alone in Balmoral

It is well-documented that King Charles and the royal family enjoy taking extended walks during their stays on the Balmoral estate. However, last month, a group of mountain bikers had an unexpected encounter with the monarch while he was taking a leisurely stroll through the Scottish Highlands. A video shared by Andrew McAvoy, known as McTrail Rider, captured the moment when the group paused their bike ride upon encountering a casually dressed King Charles.

The King seemed quite open to conversation, inquiring if they had previously traveled the same route. Another cyclist asked him if this was his summer vacation at Balmoral, to which Charles confirmed it was.

Following their encounter with royalty, Andrew expressed his admiration, saying, “That was a king! What a gracious and kind man, he took time for us.” He further noted, “The King is a pleasant individual, choosing to walk while everyone else is driving.”

While the King was walking alone along the trail, Andrew made it clear in a comment on his YouTube channel that, despite no visible guards in the camera frame, King Charles had ample security nearby, and various vehicles had inspected the route both before and after his walk. He was indeed alone but remained well-protected, as one would expect.

Following the example set by the late Queen Elizabeth II, the King and Queen opted to observe the customary summer vacation at the Balmoral estate, where Charles maintains his Scottish residence known as Birkhall.

During their stay, Charles and Camilla played host to various members of the royal family, including the Prince and Princess of Wales, the Princess Royal, the Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh, and the Duke of York.

Earlier this month, the King and Queen resumed their official responsibilities and successfully concluded their delayed three-day state visit to France on Friday. During this visit, Charles achieved a historic milestone in the French Senate, while Camilla made a striking impression in Dior attire and sapphire jewelry during a state banquet held at the Palace of Versailles.

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