Curtain bangs are experiencing a resurgence in popularity as a stylish choice, offering a chic, edgy, and timeless appearance. They elegantly frame your face, providing a contemporary touch to both updos and loose styles. Moreover, this versatile style allows for experimenting with various looks. Simply consult your hairdresser or stylist to give curtain bangs a try and refresh your appearance without a significant commitment. Award-winning hairstylist Erin Fernandes affirms that curtain bangs swiftly transform your style without the need for a major haircut, accentuating cheekbones and harmonizing face shapes, making them an elegant addition to updos and ponytails.

In recent times, curtain bangs have gained significant popularity in the world of hairstyling, and their appeal is evident. Much like curtains part to invite sunlight, curtain bangs gracefully frame your forehead and eyes while lending a touch of sophistication to your overall look. They offer a softer alternative to the conventional straight-across fringe, featuring shorter central strands, seamlessly blended sides, and wispy ends.

Whether you seek a new look or wish to change your style, curtain bangs provide a versatile solution. You can easily pin them up when you prefer an open forehead. Curtain bangs effortlessly inject a modern flair into your appearance and require minimal maintenance with regular trims.

Top 20 Curtain Bangs Styles: Trendy Choices for Every Hair TypePin

What Are Curtain Bangs?

Curtain bangs have gained recent popularity in the realm of hair styling, and their appeal is well-founded. Resembling the way a curtain graciously parts to usher in warm sunlight, curtain bangs create a stylish frame for your forehead and eyes while imparting a touch of elegance to your hairstyle. These bangs offer a softer alternative to the traditional straight-across fringe, featuring shorter hair in the center, seamlessly blended sides, and wispy ends, offering you the best of both worlds.

Curtain bangs strike the perfect balance, making them an ideal choice whether you want to experiment with a new look or update your style. They can be easily pinned up, allowing you to achieve a forehead-exposing style when desired. Not only do curtain bangs infuse a modern touch into your appearance, but they also require minimal maintenance, primarily through regular trims.

For those interested in learning how to cut curtain bangs at home, let's delve into the process!

20 Best Ways To Style Curtain Bangs

Curtain Bangs For Curly Hair

Romantic Curly Curtain Bangs

Romantic Curly Curtain BangsPin
Image: Shutterstock

Draw inspiration from Odessa Young and observe how her softly tousled, loose curls beautifully complement her asymmetrical curtain bangs. These subtle curls give her the appearance of effortlessly rolling out of bed while exuding red carpet-ready confidence. You can effortlessly replicate this charming look with some precise trimming and curling techniques, ensuring you step into any event with your unique and stylish presence.

Voluminous Curly Curtain Bangs

Voluminous Curly Curtain BangsPin
Image: Shutterstock

When it comes to trendy hairdos, curtain bangs are undeniably a bold choice, particularly when combined with curly hair. Tracee Ellis Ross has elevated this enduring style by infusing it with volume and dimension. Her distinctive appearance is both captivating and impossible to overlook, making it an ideal choice for individuals with various curly hair types. This versatile style has the potential to introduce texture and structure to your locks, allowing you to craft a variety of captivating looks.

Wispy Curly Curtain Bangs

Wispy Curly Curtain BangsPin
Image: Shutterstock

Sandra Oh's enduringly chic hairstyle beautifully exemplifies the widespread fascination with curtain bangs. If you have curly waves, achieving this look is a breeze with just a few sprays of texturizing spray to effortlessly frame your bangs. If you're eager to embrace a highly fashionable appearance, embrace the curtain bangs trend as your latest and most cherished style enhancement. Say ‘hello' to your trendy accessory – curtain bangs!

Faux Curtain Bangs With A Top Knot

Faux Curtain Bangs With A Top KnotPin
Image: Shutterstock

Curtain bangs were made to look extremely fashionable and doable for curly hair by Yara Shahidi. Choose the faux curtain bangs look if you want to try these bangs but aren't sure if they're right for you. To create face-framing curtain bangs that fall over your forehead, simply twist your hair into a massive topknot and loop the ends in front of your face. Never be concerned about making a real commitment. “This is a technique I love to recommend,” says Erin Fernandes.

Deeply Parted SpiralBangs

Deeply Parted SpiralBangsPin
Image: Shutterstock

Consider adopting Zendaya's spiral curtain bangs and letting your layered hair curl up in volumes if you want to give your appearance an ultra-modern, self-assured edge. You can bet that when you follow this fashion, everyone will be staring!

Middle Parted Curtain Bangs

Middle Parted Curtain BangsPin
Image: Shutterstock

Tessa Thompson is living proof that eye-catching styles can be created with even short, layered curls. The center-parted short curls with wispy curled curtain bangs are the ideal solution if you want to add some drama to your short hair. They look stunning for any occasion!

Side Swept Curly Curtain Bangs

Side Swept Curly Curtain BangsPin
Image: Shutterstock

The asymmetrical curly bob and curtain bangs worn by Rihanna are definitely not the look for the girl next door. The side-swept bangs fall on the face carelessly before being softly tucked away to give you a bold yet romantic appearance. This hairstyle exudes sophistication and self-assurance.

Curtain Bangs For Straight Hair

Layered Straight Curtain Bangs

Layered Straight Curtain BangsPin
Image: Shutterstock

The ideal way to style straight hair and frame your face is with curtain bangs. All eyes are drawn to Nicole Richie because of her face-framing straight, center-parted, layered curtain bangs and gold accessory. You will undoubtedly become the center of attention wherever you go with this elegant and classic look.

Multi-LayeredCurtain Bangs Updo

Multi-LayeredCurtain Bangs UpdoPin
Image: Shutterstock

Ivy Getty's updo is the ideal option if you want a classy hairstyle. With its multi-layered curtain bangs that are slightly parted to the side, this stylish look will catch eyes. This hairstyle looks stunning and effortless thanks to the contrast of the straight bangs and the curly top knot. Create a look that is always on point and maximize style with the least amount of effort!

Center-Parted Long Curtain Bangs

Center-Parted Long Curtain BangsPin
Image: Shutterstock

It's simple to replicate Sarah Jessica Parker's style if your curtains are of the longer variety. The long, straight layers frame the face and enhance its features while the center parting draws attention to the curtain bangs. Without any styling, let it hang loose; it transforms your appearance.

Low Pony With Curtain Bangs

Low Pony With Curtain BangsPin
Image: Shutterstock

Curtain bangs are simple to execute, as Queen PeeCee proved. She simply made a middle part in her hair and pulled it back into a low ponytail on the side, letting her bangs fall in front in a lush, voluminous curtain. Therefore, if you want to try a new haircut, ape Priyanka Chopra's effortless yet chic style!

Slightly Parted Curtain Bangs

Slightly Parted Curtain BangsPin
Image: Shutterstock

Smooth, straight hair like that of Constance Wu is a timeless classic. It creates a classic yet contemporary look with slightly longer side pieces and delicately parted curtain bangs in the middle. This fashionable look is ideal for all occasions, whether you're dressing up for the evening or just running errands. Let your trendy curtain bangs do the talking and draw attention wherever you go rather than over-styling!

Ponytail With Side-Parted Curtain Bangs

Ponytail With Side-Parted Curtain BangsPin
Image: Shutterstock

At some point in your life, wouldn't you love to wear a leather jacket and a ponytail with stylish curtain bangs? So, with this gorgeous side-parted, sleek, choppy curtain bangs hairstyle, you can seize the day like Sarah Hyland. If you want a unique look, curtain bangs are a must-try.

Center-Parted Thick Curtain Bangs

Center-Parted Thick Curtain BangsPin
Image: Shutterstock

Kim Kardashian is embracing a 1960s-inspired fashion revival, showcasing her bold and iconic style. Her choice of sleek, straight curtain bangs and a middle-parted bouffant updo exudes a timeless charm, reaffirming that curtain bangs are perpetually in vogue, transcending eras. Explore how Kim effortlessly turns retro fashion into a chic, contemporary statement.

Curtain Bangs For Short Hair

Choppy Curtain Bang Pixie

Choppy Curtain Bang PixiePin
Image: Shutterstock

Halle Berry's iconic pixie cut featuring curtain bangs is a striking fashion statement, seamlessly combining elegance, style, and sophistication. This exquisite hairstyle not only frames the face gracefully but also offers a versatile canvas for experimenting with curtain bangs. The closely cropped back of the pixie cut serves as the perfect foundation to showcase this trendy and vibrant look, infusing a touch of sass and freshness.

Center-PartedWavy Curtain Bangs

Center-PartedWavy Curtain BangsPin
Image: Shutterstock

Jessica Alba's charming center-parted curtain bangs and short bob exemplify incredible versatility. This youthful and innocent hairstyle can be effortlessly embraced regardless of your age, allowing you to achieve a timeless and ageless appeal.

Short Bob Curtain Bangs

Short Bob Curtain BangsPin
Image: Shutterstock

Lately, January Jones has been turning heads with her delightful, short, and wavy hairstyle. The artful combination of piece-y curtain bangs and textured, glossy beachy waves results in a remarkably chic look. To achieve a similarly stunning effect, apply a light texture spray to your hair after styling for that extra touch of allure and freshness, just like January's captivating appearance.

Side-Parted Long Bangs

Side-Parted Long BangsPin
Image: Shutterstock

Whether you're a devoted fan or not, Taylor Swift unquestionably masters the art of the ultimate rockstar chic style! Sporting a timeless bob with textured, edgy hair, choppy finishes, and stylish curtain bangs gracefully framing the forehead, this look is a showstopper, exuding confidence and allure. It's an ideal choice for the independent, free-spirited woman who desires an attention-grabbing yet effortlessly manageable hairstyle.

Center-Parted Wispy Bangs

Center-Parted Wispy BangsPin
Image: Shutterstock

Alexa Chung's enchanting wavy bob, featuring delicate middle-parted wispy curtain bangs, is the ultimate choice for crafting a dreamy appearance on your first date or any memorable occasion when you aim to capture your partner's undivided focus. The soft, highlighted hair, combined with the framing and face-flattering effect of curtain bangs, effortlessly delivers a romantic allure, requiring minimal effort for a truly captivating look.

Feathered Curtain Bangs

Feathered Curtain BangsPin
Image: Shutterstock

Lucy Boyton's center-parted feathered curtain bangs bring a sense of fullness and depth to her hair. The noticeable waves and textured tips elevate the captivating and relaxed aesthetic while elegantly enhancing her facial features. If you desire a hairstyle that can elevate your appearance effortlessly, this choice is a definite must-consider!

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