The real reason Prince and Princess of Wales are still not back at work

 The Prince and Princess of Wales have been keeping a low profile lately to spend time with their children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis. Fans have been wondering why the couple has yet to return to official engagements, but the answer is quite simple: their children.

Lambrook school, where George and Charlotte attend, is still on holiday until April 19. As such, the Prince and Princess of Wales have been enjoying some quality time with their children before the start of the summer term. During this time, William and Kate have maintained a low-profile, although they did make an appearance at the traditional Easter Sunday service on April 9, alongside the rest of the royal family.

William’s last official duty was on March 23, during his visit to Poland, where he met with groups of Ukrainian refugees who have fled their homeland and settled in Warsaw. Two weeks later, he was spotted in the crowd watching his beloved Aston Villa take on Nottingham Forest with eldest son George by his side.

Meanwhile, Kate’s last official duty was on March 21 when she hosted the inaugural meeting of the new Business Taskforce for Early Childhood in London. It’s clear that both parents are committed to their official duties, but at the moment, their focus is on their family.

Fans can look forward to seeing the Wales family in the spotlight soon, as they will be playing a significant role in King Charles’s coronation. It was initially reported that only Prince George would have a significant role on the day, but it has since been confirmed that all three children will participate in the proceedings.

In a recent update from Kensington Palace, it was announced that Prince George would be a page at his grandfather’s coronation. All eight pages are expected to wear matching scarlet uniforms and will form part of the procession through the Nave of Westminster Abbey.

The Wales family’s dedication to their family time is admirable, and their commitment to their official duties is commendable. Fans can’t wait to see them return to their royal engagements, but in the meantime, they will continue to enjoy their holiday with their children before the start of the summer term.

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