The Princess of Wales reveals Prince George’s latest obsession – and you’ll be surprised

The Princess of Wales reveals Prince George’s latest obsession – and you’ll be surprised

Earlier this year, the Princess of Wales paid a visit to the residence of Roman Kemp’s parents, and since then, she has developed a strong bond with them. In a recent interview, Roman Kemp, the Capital presenter and the offspring of pop icons Martin Kemp and Shirlie Holliman, shared that Princess Kate and his mother, Shirlie, now exchange homemade goodies with each other.

He informed The Express, “My mother gave [Princess Kate] a crate of their homemade apple juice, and she took it home, of course.” Roman Kemp went on to reveal that Prince George has developed a strong fondness for the juice, saying, “The next time I met her, she said, ‘Oh my goodness! Could you please convey my gratitude to your mother, and we require more of that apple juice because George can’t get enough of it. He keeps asking for it, saying, ‘Mom, I want the apple juice.’”

In January, Kate, who is 41 years old, collaborated with Roman to emphasize the significance of mental well-being during the launch of her Shaping Us campaign. She reached out to him after viewing his BBC documentary, “Roman Kemp: Our Silent Emergency,” which addresses the mental health and suicide crisis affecting young men in the UK.

The former contestant of I’m A Celebrity also mentioned that Kate has been sending his parents her homemade honey. He elaborated, saying, “Kate has been delivering her own homemade honey to [them].” He added, “So, my mother receives the honey, and in return, my mother has been sending apple juice to Kate.”

In a recent interview with The Times, Roman shared the initial story of Kate’s visit to his family’s residence. During a video call where they discussed collaborating on a short film about mental health, Roman disclosed, “And she suggested, ‘You know, I can come over to your place and do it there.’ But I responded, ‘No, let’s go to my parents’ house. It’s a larger residence. I wouldn’t want to invite royalty to a flat in Vauxhall.”

He went on to say, “We sat around the kitchen counter, joined by my parents, my sister, and all the dogs. Kate was with us as well. What struck me as amusing was that she wasn’t wearing any shoes, as she had the courtesy to remove them at the door. That detail really stood out to me because it’s rare to see royalty without shoes.”

In the short film that was unveiled in February, Kate and Roman engaged in a conversation while strolling through the beautiful grounds of Martin and Shirlie’s impressive Hertfordshire residence.

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