The Countryside Education Trust in Hampshire had the honour of receiving a visit from Her Royal Highness The Countess of Wessex recently. The trust, which was established in 1975, aims to introduce people to the British countryside, rural life and farming. The Countess was given a tour of the Trust's facilities, including the educational farm and garden, the Treehouse Study Centre, and the residential centre known as Home Farm.

The Countryside Education Trust plays a vital role in helping children and adults learn about, understand, and care for the countryside. The Trust offers a broad and inclusive community programme, which means that people of all ages and backgrounds can participate in their activities. This is essential for developing a sustainable relationship between people and the environment.

The educational farm and garden at Home Farm are designed to teach visitors about the principles of sustainable farming and agriculture. It is a practical and interactive experience that enables visitors to learn how food is grown, the importance of soil health, and the benefits of sustainable farming practices. The Trust also offers a range of courses and workshops that cover everything from animal care to beekeeping.

One of the highlights of the Countryside Education Trust is the Treehouse Study Centre. It is an inspirational and sustainable building that offers a unique learning environment. The Treehouse is constructed from sustainable materials and features a green roof, solar panels, and rainwater harvesting systems. It is an ideal place for people of all ages to learn about the environment, wildlife, and sustainable living.

The Countryside Education Trust is committed to being an inclusive organisation. They offer a range of programmes that cater to people with disabilities, mental health issues, and social disadvantage. They believe that everyone should have access to the countryside and the opportunities it offers.

In conclusion, The Countryside Education Trust is a vital organisation that plays an essential role in educating people about the countryside, rural life and farming. Their commitment to sustainability, inclusivity, and education makes them an inspiration for all of us. The visit by The Countess of Wessex highlights the importance of this work and the need for continued support for organisations like the Countryside Education Trust.

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