Stunning Half-Up, Half-Down Wedding Guest Hairstyles: Top 20 Picks

Stunning Half-Up, Half-Down Wedding Guest Hairstyles: Top 20 Picks

When it comes to decisions for attending a wedding, such as choosing between a long or short dress, stilettos or sandals, and a shawl or coat, there are numerous choices to be made. However, when it comes to selecting a hairstyle as a wedding guest, why limit yourself to just one option when you can have the best of both worlds? Specifically, if you’re currently seeking the perfect hairstyle, a half-up, half-down look offers a wonderful compromise between an elegant updo and a relaxed loose hair style.

There are various ways to achieve a half-up, half-down hairstyle, regardless of your hair’s texture or length, including beautiful braids, playful bangs, and voluminous curls. To provide some inspiration and guidance for creating these half-updo wedding guest hairstyles on your own, we’ve consulted with experts. Keep reading for more information.

Faux Tuck

Half-Up, Half-Down Wedding Guest Hairstyles: Faux Tuck

This hairstyle creates an optical illusion by appearing as though the hair is simply tucked behind the ear, but in reality, it’s secured and set in place to maintain an effortless look throughout the night. To achieve this on your own, follow these steps: Take both front sections of your hair and brush them down and back, bringing the ends together at the back of your neck, beneath the rest of your hair. Secure them in place using a hair elastic, as suggested by Toth. Then, apply a lightweight gel to those sections to achieve a smooth, polished finish, and proceed to curl the remaining hair.

Maxed-Out Texture

Half-Up, Half-Down Wedding Guest Hairstyles: Maxed-Out Texture

This wedding guest decided to embrace her natural hair texture rather than trying to change it. According to hairstylist Devin Toth, here’s how to achieve this look: Using the pointed end of a tail comb, locate your part, and then brush and gather the hair from the front towards the back of your head. While it’s pulled back, use one hand to keep it flat against your head, and secure all the hair above your hand with a row of bobby pins placed in one direction. Afterward, crisscross another row of bobby pins in the opposite direction to ensure a secure hold. If you desire more volume in the back, you can separate and fluff up your curls for a fuller appearance.

Half-Up Box Braids

Half-Up, Half-Down Wedding Guest Hairstyles: Faux Tuck / Half-Up Box Braids

Box braids and similar braided hairstyles take on a wonderfully fresh and summery appearance when fashioned into a half-up ponytail. Keep the lower layer of braids flowing freely at the back, and allow a few braids in the front to frame your face.

Half-Up Bob

Half-Up, Half-Down Wedding Guest Hairstyles: Half-Up Bob

Bob haircuts and other short styles can effortlessly sport a half-up, half-down look with the help of some additional bobby pins. Begin by giving your hair a blowout using a volumizing mousse, such as Kevin Murphy Body Builder Mousse. Afterward, brush the upper section of your hair towards the back and use pins to secure it in place. If the front pieces are too short to reach the back, you can use a crisscrossing technique with bobby pins on each side to keep those sections secure.

Slicked Back

Half-Up, Half-Down Wedding Guest Hairstyles: Slicked Back

The “wet” look, achieved by slicking back the hair, offers a chic and highly contemporary variation of the half-up, half-down style. Begin by applying a robust-hold gel, combing it through your hair from the front hairline to the top of your head. For added assurance, use an extra-hold spray and secure with a few pins if necessary. Finally, leave the remaining hair loose and create loose curls, allowing them to flow at the back.

Sleek and Pulled Back

Half-Up, Half-Down Wedding Guest Hairstyles: Sleek and Pulled Back

According to Toth, this style is uncomplicated, stylish, and requires minimal effort while still maintaining a polished appearance. To create this look, brush your hair back firmly, and then use an elastic to secure only the sides at the back. Toth emphasizes, “Be sure not to fasten the hair in the center. You want the hair from the sides to overlap the hair in the middle, rather than merging with it.”

Side Braid

Half-Up, Half-Down Wedding Guest Hairstyles: Side Braid

A braided fringe offers a charming, countryside-inspired appearance that’s perfect for a garden wedding. The best part is, it’s a straightforward style to achieve! Just select a one or two-inch section of hair at the front, braid it towards your ear, and secure it with a bobby pin behind your ear. To enhance the romantic feel, curl the remaining hair, tousle it gently, and finish with a light application of flexible hairspray.

Simple Clip

Half-Up, Half-Down Wedding Guest Hairstyles: Simple Clip

Securing one side of your hair with smooth bobby pins is the epitome of a low-maintenance yet highly effective style. It allows you to keep your bangs away from your face while maintaining some bounce and flow in the rest of your hair. Raven Hurtado, a hairstylist based in Chicago, suggests using Trademark Beauty’s Mood curling iron to curl the remaining hair. This curling iron offers various attachments to help you achieve your desired texture.

Twisted Fringe

Half-Up, Half-Down Wedding Guest Hairstyles: Twisted Fringe

Bangs add a playful and flirtatious touch to any hairstyle, much like a charming wink. To achieve this exclusive look, let your bangs frame your face, and then twist the sides of your hair backward, securing them with pins (this highlights the bangs as the focal point). Additionally, use a curling iron to give your hair a subtle wave, creating an elegant overall style.

Half Pony

Half-Up, Half-Down Wedding Guest Hairstyles: Half Pony

This boosted half ponytail exudes a ’60s flair, but achieving the best height and fullness requires having a generous amount of thick hair, or for those not naturally endowed with abundant hair, extensions can be a helpful option. To replicate this style, first curl your hair, then tease it at the crown for added volume. Next, use an elastic to secure the top half, as recommended by Hurtado. Teasing the ponytail will also impart an additional touch of ’60s bounce to the look.

Romantic Curls

Half-Up, Half-Down Wedding Guest Hairstyles: Romantic Curls

A half-up hairstyle takes on a delightful charm when paired with curls, as you can discreetly conceal the pins and tucks beneath your locks, creating the illusion of naturally impeccable hair every day. To achieve a polished appearance for the ends, hairstylist Chuck Bass suggests applying a small amount of conditioner to the tips during your shower routine, and then finishing off the style with Iles Formula Curl Revive Spray for added definition.

Pinned Back Bangs

Half-Up, Half-Down Wedding Guest Hairstyles: Pinned Back Bangs

If you often find yourself twirling your bangs until they become flat and oily, you’ll appreciate an updo that removes the temptation. By brushing the upper middle section of your hair backward and securing it with an attractive pin, you can maintain a polished appearance while avoiding the urge to twirl your hair.

Half-Up Ombre

Half-Up, Half-Down Wedding Guest Hairstyles: Half-Up Ombre

An ombré hair color serves as an ideal base for a half-up, half-down hairstyle. Why, you ask? When you gather the upper section of your hair and secure it with a clip, it allows the “grown-out” roots to be more visible. You can even add curls or a bit of teasing to the lower portion to lend it an airy and weightless quality. Hurtado also suggests pulling out some strands around the face for a gentler appearance.

Floral Accent

Half-Up, Half-Down Wedding Guest Hairstyles: Floral Accent

If you’re feeling a lack of inspiration for your half-up hairstyle, fear not, we’ve got a tip to infuse some pizzazz. Just gently tease the hair at the crown, then pull back the upper section and insert a flower into the hair tie. If you’re not particularly skilled with plants, Jennifer Behr’s Jardinia Hairpins offer an elegant alternative (and they’re reusable as well).

Over-the-Shoulder French Braid

Half-Up, Half-Down Wedding Guest Hairstyles: Over-the-Shoulder French Braid

If you often find yourself tilting your head to one side in every photo, we’ve got an ideal do-it-yourself hairstyle for you. Begin by French braiding one side of your hair until you reach the nape of your neck. Afterward, sweep the remaining hair over to your opposite shoulder, and use hairpins along the lower part of your hairline to secure everything in position. Complete the look with a spritz of strong-hold hairspray as your final step.

Rhinestone Barrettes

Half-Up, Half-Down Wedding Guest Hairstyles: Rhinestone Barrettes

It’s a fact that a touch of shimmer can elevate any style. You can even enhance a straightforward “I’ve simply pinned it back” appearance by incorporating rhinestone or pearl barrettes along the top of your head. We recommend options such as the Scunci Rhinestone Bobby Slides with their floral design or the playful colors found in the Petit Moments Bijou Crystal Barrettes to add a special touch.

Deep Side Part

Half-Up, Half-Down Wedding Guest Hairstyles: Deep Side Part

A pronounced side part can be likened to adding raspberries to your champagne; it serves as a seductive and delightful accent that elevates your style from good to even better. Once you’ve curled your hair, employ the pointed end of a tail comb to create a deep side part that extends from the front to the back. Subsequently, secure the upper layer of your hairstyle at the back to achieve the ideal half-updo for a wedding guest hairstyle.

Braid Crown

Half-Up, Half-Down Wedding Guest Hairstyles: Braid Crown

If you possess braiding skills or are adept at handling braids, creating a braid crown can result in a charming and innocent appearance that’s relatively simple to accomplish. According to Toth, after establishing your part, divide your hair into two sections and commence braiding. It’s crucial to ensure that the braids are of uniform size and appear balanced once they’re complete. Subsequently, join the two braids at the back using a hair elastic, allowing the ends to flow freely and blend with the rest of your hair.

Extra-Long Curls

Half-Up, Half-Down Wedding Guest Hairstyles: Extra-Long Curls

Long, mermaid-like hair exudes an air of elegance when paired with a half-up hairstyle and traditional curls. To achieve this wedding guest look, secure the upper portion of your hair with pins and then curl the remaining loose strands using a one-inch barrel curling iron. Finish off with a firm-hold hairspray to prevent the length of your hair from weighing down the lively curls as the evening progresses (apply the spray both before and after curling for added resilience).

Side Tuck

Half-Up, Half-Down Wedding Guest Hairstyles: Side Tuck

To give a unique twist to the classic half-up hairstyle, consider securing one side of your hair back to achieve a stylish profile. For an extra touch of 90s nostalgia, opt for butterfly claw clips as an alternative to traditional bobby pins, such as these adorned Scunci Jaw Clips.

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