Sarah Ferguson throws magical fairy picnic for Princess Beatrice’s birthday

Sarah Ferguson throws magical fairy picnic for Princess Beatrice’s birthday

 Sarah, the Duchess of York, is known for her remarkable creativity, and she recounted the enchanting celebration her family organized for Princess Beatrice’s birthday. The Duchess’s eldest daughter marked her 35th birthday on August 8th, and in the most recent episode of her podcast, “Tea Talks with The Duchess and Sarah,” she shared the day’s memories involving Beatrice and her one-year-old daughter, Sienna.

Proud grandmother Sarah described the festivities, saying, “I strategically placed various fairies throughout the garden, and I sent Sienna on a whimsical quest to discover these fairies, complete with wings. Sienna kept her wings on for a notable duration before Beatrice and I decided to put ours on as well. Subsequently, once she located the fairies, we had a delightful fairy picnic, making Beatrice’s birthday truly magical.”

The Duchess, who has authored several children’s books, elaborated, “I was genuinely encouraging Sienna to believe in the existence of fairies residing within the oak tree in the garden. Thus, she embarked on a mission to find the miniature door leading to the fairy department store, situated within the oak tree. Interestingly, this concept has also become the focus of my upcoming book, which centers around the Sluggington Smyths, an esteemed family of slugs.”

In anticipation of Beatrice’s special day, Sarah had previously shared on her podcast that she had looked after little Sienna while Beatrice and her husband, Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi, were away. The Duchess also revealed how she and her granddaughter had been busy getting ready for Beatrice’s birthday: “We engaged in inflating balloons and Sienna contributed by guiding GG on how to make cupcakes. Then, GG and Sienna taste-tested the cupcakes, even indulging in a bit of finger-painting with them. Our culinary endeavors in the kitchen were certainly quite adventurous, I must admit.”

Additionally, in another touching narrative, Sarah shared how her role as a grandmother had evoked memories of her early days as a parent.

The Duchess, lovingly referred to as GG by her grandchildren, commented, “Sienna, my granddaughter, engages in similar behaviors as Beatrice. Given that Beatrice is a Leo, it has transported me back to those instances when I closely shadowed her – like a miniature replica of myself. She would set off on her explorations, seeking out ducks, leisurely walking through puddles with rain atop her head, and then she would melodiously sing ‘Raindrops keep falling on my head… plop’. I would initiate the song, and she would enthusiastically join in with the ‘plop’ part. These occurrences have truly been remarkable. I’m appreciative that Beatrice and Edo also had the chance to spend some valuable time alone.”

Furthermore, during her book tour at The 92nd Street Y in New York in March, Sarah disclosed Sienna’s charming moniker. You can discover more about this in the attached video clip.

Additionally, Sarah holds the role of a grandmother to Princess Eugenie’s two sons: August, who is two years old, and the recently born baby Ernest, welcomed into the family in May.

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