Sarah Ferguson Not Invited to King Charles’ Coronation, Plans Private Celebration Instead

 Sarah Ferguson, the former wife of Prince Andrew, has not been invited to King Charles’ coronation next month, according to recent reports. While the guest list for the historic event has not been made public, it has been confirmed that Meghan Markle and her two children with Prince Harry will not attend.

Speaking about the upcoming coronation while promoting her new novel on Loose Women, Sarah revealed her plans for the day. “I personally will be having a little tea room and coronation chicken sandwich and putting out the bunting, that’s what I’m going to be doing. Because that would make me very happy.”

Sarah went on to explain that she loves watching the coronation ceremony on TV, as the commentators provide interesting insights into the event. “The commentators are always good, and then everyone, all the family come back, because remember I am divorced from him [Prince Andrew] so I don’t expect… you can’t have it both ways, you can’t be divorced and then say, ‘I want this…’ [You’re in] or you’re out.”

Despite not being invited to the coronation service itself, Sarah plans to be supportive of the family from afar. “I think it’s really great to be supportive big time and then when all the family come home, I know all the ins and outs from commentators on television!” she said.

A source close to Sarah confirmed that while she is not invited to the coronation, she will be reunited with various members of the family later in the day for a private celebration. “She is not invited but she will see various members of the family later on the big day,” the source revealed.

Overall, it seems that Sarah is content with her plans for King Charles’ coronation, despite not being invited to the main event. By enjoying the ceremony on TV and celebrating with family members later in the day, Sarah will still be able to mark the historic occasion in her own way.

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